Quote of the day

Today people feel good, but on November 26 people go in there and in the end they decide on whether you’re going to get the accounts in order and whether you’re going to lead the country in the right direction.” – John Key

The election campaign has been a bit of a phoney war so far.

The Rugby World Cup has taken a fair bit of media oxygen and a lot of people don’t know the election, and referendum on the electoral system, are only five and half weeks away.

In the next 32 days there will be campaign launches and policy announcements.

There will also almost certainly be some off-message moments which get headlines.

On November 26 those of us who choose to exercise our right to vote will do so for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of what they are, most of us will do so in the hope that the parties which form the next government are ones which will take us in the right direction.

I hope there are enough of us who understand we won’t go in the right direction by veering left.

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