Hard times in Hobbiton

October 19, 2011

Not recommended for bedtime viewing if you’re prone to nightmares:

Creative director:  Whaleoil

Word of the day

October 19, 2011

Contumacy –  stubborn refusal to obey authority; wilful contempt of the order or summons of a court.


October 19, 2011

14/15 in Stuff’s kids quiz – tricked by the trick question.

Cheaper provincial flights?

October 19, 2011

We live about an hour and a half from Timaru Airport, two hours from Dunedin Airport and three and a half from Christhchurch.

Although it’s further away we usually fly to and from Christchurch. There are more flights to and from there and they are usually significantly less expensive.

Provincial airports do have a cheaper airfares but there’s never very many and you have to book ages in advance which we aren’t usually able to do.

Air New Zealand decision to buy new and bigger planes for provincial routes might change that:

Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe says the airline has ordered seven  of the planes off the French manufacturer, with an option to purchase a further  five, and says the aircraft will open up regional New Zealand to cheap flights.

“This order potentially doubles the size of Air New Zealand’s ATR fleet  and will put a further two million seats into the New Zealand regional market  annually.

“For our customers that will mean a big increase in the number of  business timed seats and seriously cheap ‘grabaseat’ fares we have on regional  routes every day,” he says.

Improved returns from farming, tourism and technological advances which make working away from cities is helping to reverse the population decline in the provinces.

Being here is great but getting in and out isn’t. The upgraded provincial fleet will help make it a ltitle easier and possibly cheaper.


October 19, 2011

9/10 in NZ History Online’s quiz.

Rain gauge overfloweth

October 19, 2011

Yesterday’s post lamenting too little rain was premature.

When my farmer went to check the rain gauge this morning he found it had overflowed which means we’ve had at least 40 mls and this comment from Raymond reports even more further north.

That’s the first significant rainfall we’ve had since early May and very welcome.

Farmers in the high country who have just started lambing won’t be so happy, especially those who got snow as well.

Silly dam(n) mistake

October 19, 2011

On Q&A some weeks ago Guyon Espiner asked a Labour MP if he knew which power company he used.

I can’t find the link but I think it was David Cunliffe. Whoever it was struggled to answer as many people will unless they’re the one who pays the household bills.

Many people would also not be sure who owns the power company which supplies them. That’s not surprising when it’s not who owns it but the price they charge and service they provide which concerns most of us.

However, if you’re a party opposing the Mixed Ownership Model for State Owned Enterprises, you ought to know which companies are publicly owned and which ones aren’t, if only to stop you using a photo of one which isn’t to illustrate your campaign.

Whaleoil has a copy of Labour’s brochure campaigning against National’s policy to sell minority shares in a few state owned companies. It’s illustrated with a photo of the Clyde Dam which isn’t owned by the state, it’s owned by Contact Energy.

That’s a silly dam(n) mistake which doesn’t do anything for the credibility of the party or its policy.

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