Against capitalism, for what?

It started with Occupy Wall Street and it’s spread across the globe using communications media which are the product of the system against which they’re protesting.

Several blogs have shown the photo which illustrates further hypocrisy, using and wearing goods produced by the capitalists against whom they rail.

They’re against capitalism, but what are they for and which of the products of capitalism are they prepared to sacrifice for their cause.

Capitalism isn’t perfect but, like democracy, it’s far better than the alternatives.

11 Responses to Against capitalism, for what?

  1. ZenTiger says:

    They need to be specifically against the excesses of capitalism, and therefore name them:

    * greed
    * profiteering
    * monopolistic prcactice
    * tax evasion (and tax minimisation to unethical degrees)
    * bankrupt companies being propped up by governments
    * golden parachutes
    * executive remuneration that doesn’t penalise bad performance
    * owners “paid for the risk” of their capital, but suffer nothing little in its collapse

    Interested to hear their solution though. Big government is not the answer.


  2. robertguyton says:

    That’s right, Ele – the whole ‘Occupy’ movement is null and void, because the protesters wore clothes – clothes!.
    Stinking capitalist hypocrites!


  3. Ross says:

    Robert, you amaze me sometimes, railing against the very things that have improved the general lot of man, and lifted so many out of poverty in just a few hundred years.

    If you think the mythical small village agrarian lifestyle without capitalism is the one to aspire to just visit India, China, Africa or South America.

    The result is grinding poverty, dawn to dusk hard labour and a complete reliance on the weather and your crops not failing.

    For all it’s failings I will take capitalism any day of the week. It delivers results for human good. The failed experiment of socialism – the ponzi scheme of the left does’t, nor does subsistence agriculture.


  4. Cadwallader says:

    Well said Ross. In addition, capitalism doesn’t just reward enterprise it engenders (and rewards) vision! Luddite losers seem to me to be fearful of human enterprise, ambition and success. Their only weapons seems to be trashy aggression and snipes. (Both weapons seem to be the chief exports of Riverton.)


  5. fredinthegrass says:

    Missed your opportunity, Rg to come in with some meaningful debate – Score – ZERO.
    ZT – nearly aces it. People feel disenfranchised by governments and bad big business, and the cronyism pervading them. This is not about anti-capitalism at all. It is about abuse of privileges by a section of capitalists who have totally abrogated their responsibilities. People have had enough of the bailouts to then see indecent payouts to a greedy few.
    One downside of this happened in Rome overnight when the gathering was highjacked by pockets of organised criminals intent on creating mayhem.


  6. robertguyton says:

    Criticising protestes against greed, because they wore wrist-watches – pathetic!
    I didn’t ‘miss an opportunity’, Fred, I was under pressure to get to a meeting (of a team that traps pests in the local native tree reserve).
    My beef is with foolish, un-thought-through claims, like, ‘the protesters are hypocries because they had cell phones’. What pish!
    Cadwalleder’s ‘luddite’ squawk is no more than his usual myopic reaction to anyone pointing out the downside of modern economies, Ross is no better – putting words in my mouth the way he does, projecting his own expectations on anyone who dares to point at faults in the system. These protesters have a valid point to make. Commentators here love to leap thoughtlessly in, flail about, revelling in the sound of their own prejudice, and say nothing new at all.
    Your second paragraph, Fred, describes my own view almost perfectly 🙂


  7. Ross says:

    Robert, the protestors in NZ ‘occupy’ protests are generally union paid workers and various far left whiners who regularly pop up as rent-a-mob.

    I have no respect for them at all as they are as pathetic as they are shallow. The ones in Christchurch particularly. If they have the time to sit around for a week chanting they have got time to help those in genuine need in Christchurch, of which there are 1000’s affected by the earthquake.

    What a waste of space.


  8. Ross says:

    As a small btw, I also agree with Fred that the bankers and Wall St wide-boys should be made to pay a very heavy price for the problems they have caused with their very sharp practices.

    I am realistic enough not to hold my breath on that one though.


  9. robertguyton says:

    “Robert, the protestors in NZ ‘occupy’ protests are generally union paid workers and various far left whiners who regularly pop up as rent-a-mob.

    I have no respect for them at all as they are as pathetic as they are shallow. ”

    What a silly-billy I am! I suggested that Ross is ‘projecting his own expectations on anyone who dares to point at faults in the system’.
    Clearly, this is not the case. Ross has taken an unbiased, level-headed look at the protesters and hasn’t let his prejudices colour his opinion. Oh that we could all be a little more like Ross.


  10. Cadwallader says:

    What is the difference between Wall Street big players who don’t pay their way and the UNITE union which owes the NZ taxpayers for unpaid PAYE? Ans: Nothing!


  11. Sally says:

    For RG,


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