Word of the day

Nugatory–  of little or no value or importance, trifling; useless, futile; having no force, ineffective.

10 Responses to Word of the day

  1. ZenTiger says:

    A nugatory word indeed.


  2. fredinthegrass says:

    A word of the ‘Left’.


  3. robertguyton says:

    Brownlee’s nugatory promise to protect the environment from oil spill.


  4. Andrei says:

    Gerry Brownlee Robert?

    I don’t think he holds any portfolio that would require action on his part over a ship stranding many many miles from his electorate


  5. jabba says:

    Bobby G is now anti coastal shipping .. what is next?


  6. robertguyton says:

    Hekia Parata does Gerry’s bidding, Andrei.

    ‘Jabba’ – السلام عليكم

    (Just trying to speak your language. There must be a way you and I can see eye-to-eye, despite our ethnic differences. Do you miss your homeland? The sand? The camels?)


  7. Ross says:

    Robert, have you been eating twistees again?


  8. jabba says:

    bOb needs to get out more .. the cabin fever must be terrible


  9. robertguyton says:

    Jabba – you and I both know what this means!

    وجبع لك، ويمكن أن يكون أصدقاء


  10. Cadwallader says:

    Some alliteration:

    A nugatory numpty.


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