The power is in the middle

The Green Party has been working hard to soften its far left image and has even been suggesting its open to a much closer relationship with National.

First term MP Catherine Delahunty isn’t following the party line on that:

Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty has said she will resign if her party entered a coalition deal with the National Party – a call that undermines the credibility of the Green Party’s bid for more mainstream political appeal by leaving open the possibility of such a deal.

Ms Delahunty did not return calls, but Otago University politics lecturer Bryce Edwards confirmed she made the comment when responding to his questions during an interview on Friday.

“I clearly asked her: ‘If there was a Green Party MP that was a minister in a National-led Government, would you resign from parliament?’ She said, ‘Yes I would’.”

That’s a very silly stance when the power under MMP is in the middle.

If the Greens keep to the far left they’ll always be Labour’s lapdogs. If they are prepared to entertain a deal with National they are in a much stronger position.

One reason MMP hasn’t worked well in New Zealand is the absence of a party in the centre which stands for something identifiable. If the Greens really are prepared to be more mdoerate on social and economic issues while putting forward strong but reasonable environmental policies they could be that party.

3 Responses to The power is in the middle

  1. Monique Watson says:

    Middle of the road politics? Come on Up UnitedFuture. UnitedFuture policies include recreational fishing and hunting friendly policies (for our children). family friendly policies (for the health of our families), business friendly policies (cos taxes go down with Peter Dunne around).
    We’re greener than The Green’s, able to leap controversial issues in a single bound (whether it is smoked or dropped in our waterways – (think 1080). We unashamedly commit compromise for progress and enjoy robust debate. We’re UnitedFuture and we represent the future of New Zealand.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Monique – the only time UF did well was 2002 when they got votes from people who knew National wouldn’t win but didn’t want to vote Labour. The votes bleeding from labour aren’t going your way this time which indicates most of them have come back to National.

    The 1080 policy is based on emotion not facts. Until there are viable alternatives 1080 is the only way to counter pests in inaccessible areas.


  3. jabba says:

    I assume Bob Guyton has missed this post. The Greens can’t afford to be in Govt.


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