October 9, 2011

That was a very good game of rugby.

I’m delighted the All Blacks won and that Los Pumas played well.

Muchas gracias, Argentina, jugué muy bien. (Thank you Argentina, you played very well).

Next year’s Four Nations tournament could be very exciting.

Matilda will waltz again

October 9, 2011

I’m pleased for Robbie Deans that Australia managed to beat the Springboks – albeit just and against the run of play.

Matilda will waltz again in next week’s semi final.

Word of the day

October 9, 2011

Adumbrate – to give a sketchy outline, prefigure indistinctly; foreshadow; to disclose partially or guardedly;  overshadow, shadow or obscure.

Vamos Argentina pero . . .

October 9, 2011

If Argentina was playing any other team than the All Blacks I’d be backing Los Pumas.

Since they are playing New Zealand I’m saying vamos Argentina pero no demasiado bien  – play well Argentina, but not too well.

I’m conflicted with the other quarter-final game.

I want the winner to be whichever team the All Blacks are most likely to defeat should we get through to the next round and I’d like that to be Australia. But my farmer who knows far more about rugby than I do and who was in Brisbane to for the last Tri-Nations game when the Wallabies beat the All Blacks, reckons South Africa might be an easier semi-final opponent.

We were at a 21st birthday party last night but what from what I saw of the two games,  Wales deserved its 22-10 victory over Ireland and the French earned their semi-fianl spot by beating England 19 -12.


My windscreen story is bigger than yours

October 9, 2011

A Facebook post about running over a duck and her ducklings led to several comments including one about a hawk which went through a  windscreen.

I can trump that.

My farmer and a friend were coming home from Southland late one night. As they drove up the Kilmog hill north of Evensdale a stag leapt off a bank, landed on the car bonnet and came through the windscreen, antlers first.

Neither of the men was badly injured but the stag died and the car was written off.

Another friend had a horse land on his bonnet while he (the friend not the horse) was driving over the Desert Road and a neighbour had a bull land on his bonnet when he (the neighbour not the bull) was driving on State Highway 1.

When you drive on country roads you get used to hitting wildlife and it’s dangerous to try to avoid smaller creatures like rabbits, possums, birds and lambs.

Whether you try to avoid bigger animals such as sheep is a matter of judgement. It is usually better to try to give way to horses and cattle if you have the time and space to do so safely.


October 9, 2011

Why do I bother – 3/10 in the Herald’s entertainment quiz, two of which were lucky guesses.

Dutch tightening cannabis laws

October 9, 2011

Holland is often quoted as a model for liberalising cannabis laws and it is a mistaken belief that the drug isn’t restricted there.

It is and those restrictions are about to be tightened:

The Dutch government is reclassifying high-strength cannabis to put it in the same category as hard drugs.

It says the amount of the main active chemical in the drug, THC, has gone up, making it far more potent than a generation ago.

It means the infamous coffee shops of Amsterdam and other cities will be forced to take the popular, high-strength varieties off their shelves, the BBC reports.

Dutch politicians say high-strength cannabis, known as “skunk”, is more dangerous than it was before.

In the future, anything containing more than 15% THC will be treated the same way as hard drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy.

The move is a big blow to the coffee shops – and means they will have to replace about 80% of their stock with weaker varieties.

Proponents of liberalising cannabis laws here portray it as harmless, or at least relatively so, but as the Dutch have discovered it is much stronger than it used to be and therefore more dangerous.

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