Rage against the writing of a slight

Diana Wichtel was less than enthusiastic in her review in The Listener of Rage, a drama based on the 1981 Spirngbok tour.

Co-writerTom Scott responded with this letter to the editor:

I have just read Diana Wichtel’s scornful review of Rage, which I co-wrote and co-produced for TV1 (Television, September 17).
My first response was to wonder if Diana and I had just recently gone through a particularly nasty and brutal divorce, but I have no recollection of marrying her. This doesn’t mean I didn’t marry her. I’m just saying I could well have blacked it out.

I am prepared to go to counselling with her if you think this would help sort out this mystery.

I missed seeing Rage when it screened but I’m now planning to watch it in the hope that the script is as witty as the co-writer’s letter.

2 Responses to Rage against the writing of a slight

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    I didn’t think Wichtel’s review was all that scornful: she gave credit where it was due. I agree with her about the soapy sub-plots, but basically I did enjoy the drama (even stirred myself to blog on it, something I do rarely these days).

  2. Tribeless says:

    It was an okay program: yes a little simplistic thematically, but the writer only has two hours. I liked the concept of it. I’ll certainly be reading the review though 🙂

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