Act 2, different Act or new Act?

A few months ago Don Brash mused over whether he was better to join Act or start a whole new party.

A party is more than its MPs and candidates but they are its public face and with the announcement that John Bowscawen isn’t going to seek re-election for Act, it looks like Brash has effectively done both.

He joined Act but after the election, however well it does, it will have a completely new caucus , albeit that two of its members – John Banks, if he wins Epsom, and Brash himself, if there are enough party votes for a second MP, have been in parliament before as National MPs.

The question is: will this be Act 2, a different Act or a completely new Act  altogether?

4 Responses to Act 2, different Act or new Act?

  1. pmofnz says:

    More like Act II, final scene has started.


  2. pdm says:

    ACT has had my Party Vote since the inception of MMP. The disintegration now is therefore very disappointing and I am waiting to see Conlin Craig’s list and what his party stands for.


  3. Neil says:

    Don’t think pdm you will be inspired with Craig’s party. Many of his ideas are short term sniping against the current govt- asset sales in particular


  4. Peter says:

    By it’s heavy handed statist behaviour, National has forever blighted the future for freedom loving, centre/right , sensible govt that it once represented. National stands by its actions, interventionist, big govt,dictatorial, high cost, etc. Who would trust them any more. Under national we have seen continual destruction of property rights. Erosion is too weak to use for that context. I value ACT for the chance to excercise choice, and expressing my concerns. A liberating feeling. National hasn’t earned my vote.


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