It’s about running the country

Sir Peter Leitch, who might be better known as the Mad Butcher, was Jim Mora’s guest on Nine Eight Months to Mars yesterday.

At about 14:25 he said:

I’ve never been involved in politics in my life. Never. This year I’ve become very focused on the election because I think the election will be the biggest election of our life, in my time and I’m a great supporter of John Keys (sic). I’m a great supporter and I’m publicly supporting him now and I’ve never done that in my life. Helen Clark was a very good friend of mine but I never came out and endorsed her. But I think this election’s so important that people like me need to make a stand. You know because I think its Christchurch, Pike River, you know my father was from the West Coast so I know about mining. It’s really set us, it’s set the country back, Jim, big time,

Jim Mora: Some of those Christchurch Labour MPs have done a good job though.

Sir Peter: I’m not questioning that. I’m talking about running the country Jim.

The election is about running the country and it’s not just politically blue people like me who think John Key and National are doing that well in extraordinarily difficult times.

Nor is it just hard core supporters who think John Key and the National Party, with the one or more of the minor parties voters decide to make potential allies, that will do that far better than a Labour, Green, New Zealand First, Maori Party, Mana Party coalition.

Sir Peter’s comments mirror the polls which show a lot of people without my bias think so too.

It is not impossible for that thinking to change between now and November 26th, but it would take a lot more than anything Labour has come up with so far.

5 Responses to It’s about running the country

  1. bulaman says:

    8 months!

  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Bulaman – I was confused with gestation period for people and cows.

  3. rfdunedin says:

    Could not agree more. Ele. There are a lot of things to be sorted in Christchurch but making them part and parcel of a General Election campaign is not the place to do it. In my opinion, ‘a new low’ in politics.

  4. jabba says:

    “far better than a Labour, Green, New Zealand First, Maori Party, Mana Party coalition”.
    What a chilling thought having our country run by this rag tag bunch of no hopers

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