People poo pollutes too

Dairying gets a lot of criticism for polluting waterways.

Some of that is justified but cow pooh isn’t the only cause of water pollution.

People pooh pollutes too and that’s part of the problems in the Manawatu.

Palmerston North City Council looks set to be given more time to sort out its sewage treatment plant as city leaders grapple with revelations it has been consistently failing to meet resource consent conditions. . .

There have been 12 reported non-compliances by the city council in discharging treated waste water into the Manawatu River since 2003. . .

The Horizons report says the amount of periphyton growth doubles downstream from the discharge point, proving that the discharge is having an adverse effect on the river and aquatic life.

Cyanobacteria have also been found downstream from the treatment plant. They can be dangerous to dogs if ingested. . .

Acting city manager Ray Swadel had said that all was well with the plant – until the latest report. He revised his comments yesterday. “There were issues immediately after the upgrade work when we had a few teething problems, but in more recent times we have been compliant in three out of five assessments.”

Dairy companies, Federated Farmers, regional councils and individual farmers are all working hard to ensure that farming practices comply with the law and do not contribute to waterway pollution.

Similar urgency must be applied to the treatment and disposal of human waste.

11 Responses to People poo pollutes too

  1. robertguyton says:


    Something furry you’d find in Christopher Robin’s bed?

  2. homepaddock says:

    Where did that stray h come from? I’m a big fan of the bear of little brain, and like his friend Wol my spelling is a bit wobbly.

  3. mort says:

    I blame the collectivist we know best crowd including the greens again…. if it weren’t for high density building regulations brought in by these central planners, then people would be able to live on 1acre allotments and have self contained sewerage treatment facilities, which wouldn’t need to be concentrated and then released into the water ways.

  4. Andrei says:

    No Mort, that aint so. Self contained sewerage treatment facilities would end up unmaintained and leaking. Septic tanks on a farms are ok but 100,000s of them close together would end up a big big problem, count on it

    Dealing with human waste is a major engineering problem and the cracking of it, a collective enterprise, is perhaps the most significant factor in raising the life expectancy of humanity.

    We take our flush toilets for granted, the poo just vanishes out of sight, out of mind, but the people who make it work are far more important to our health and well being than the legions of ninnies in the department of health,

  5. homepaddock says:

    Mort – in some areas people can live on smaller blocks with septic tanks but they are very expensive and prone to breakdown. Unfortunately the expensive requirements for lifestyle blocks are also imposed on farms now.

    We’ve had far more problems with the new fangled system which requries a pump than we ever did with the old one.

    If we were starting again I’d be tempted to opt for a composting loo.

    Andrei – You are right. Improved sanitation is one of the most important factors in improved health.

  6. robertguyton says:

    Compost toilets gentle people, compost toilets. How long will it take you to realise?
    Farmers once knew that animal manure is the key to soil fertility. They forgot for a time and sluiced it into the creeks and streams in an effort to get rid of it. Now they’re re-discovering that…animal manure is the key to soil fertility.
    Humans once knew etc…
    They forgot for a time …
    Now they’re rediscovering etc etc.

  7. Peter says:

    Palmerston North City Council are so lucky, if not blessed. If they were farmers they’d be vilified, pilloried and screwed in the Environment Court. Where is Bryce Johnson of NZ Fish and Game, with his broad brush ? Surely he has something to add here. “Dirty Dairy”, why not “Crappy City”?

  8. Colin McIntyre says:

    Well said Peter. Haven’t they heard of composting Toilets?

  9. jabba says:

    “Farmers once knew that animal manure is the key to soil fertility”. looks like Bob is now in favour of cow poo .. such a complex character is our Bob

  10. robertguyton says:

    Biodynamic farmers regard cow manure as something really valuable. I have a pat from a biodynamically-raised cow, dried and stored. I hope to set a world record for the longest-kept, intact, natural cow-pat. Can provide photo if needed.
    ‘Jabba’ – that’s a Kazikstani name, isn’t it?

  11. jabba says:

    I guess when it come to poo (or shit as some call it), our bOb is the man .. not only talks it but stores it up .. keep it going bOb, you are incredible

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