Bradford’s candidacy boost for Bennett

Former Green MP Sue Bradford has confirmed  her candidacy in Waitakere.

This will help sitting MP and cabinet minister Paula Bennett by splitting the left vote.

The candidacy will get Bradford and her party some publicity and if Mana got sufficient party votes for a second MP, assuming its leader Hone Harawira keeps his seat, she might get in to parliament.

The iPredict contract gives Bennett a 74% chance of holding the seat.

The contract on Bradford being  second on Mana’s list, after Harawira, hasn’t attracted much interest.

8 Responses to Bradford’s candidacy boost for Bennett

  1. Minto will be second on Mana list – Harawira confirmed this in our Vote Chat held at the University of Otago. When asked who in Mana would be in Parliament, he said him in Te Tai Tokerau, and John Minto through the list.

    Will try and pull up the relevant video of him saying this if I get time to go through the footage, but you can find them at the OUVoteChat Youtube Channel:


  2. Actually maybe wait and scratch that – he might have said Sykes would come through in Waiariki so that would place her higher and Minto at three.

    Faulty memory. Video should confirm, will check later.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Minto, Bradford or Sykes? The prospect of any or all in parliament will help those backing a vote for change in our electoral system.


  4. Neil says:

    These are loons on the left but we seem to have a few on the right as well. The kind of people who move between National and any party to the left of the Genghis Khan party.
    A lot of those types seem to turn up in rural electorates where these people have far too much time on their hands. They have inflated opinions of themselves and are never wrong – except when they stand for election themselves and are rejected. No different to the left with Minto,Sykes and Bradford.
    Let the people speak !!


  5. Sally says:

    National when in opposition fully supported Su Bradford’s anti-smacking bill. Your idol, smile & wave thumbed his socialistic nose at the majority of New Zealanders who voted no to in the referendum “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in NZ?”

    This Government leans so far to the left, if it was the Eiffel Tower it would fall over.


  6. Sally says:

    ‘They have inflated opinions of themselves and are never wrong – ‘
    Brilliant description of National MP’s. Well done Neil!


  7. Colin McIntyre says:

    Looks like Neil is going to make a bid for full emploment.

    I wonder which party it will be ?.


  8. Colin McIntyre says:

    Reading Neils comment 11.44 am makes one wonder, who would want to be collecting for the National Party in Rural electorates?


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