Valedictory schedule

Acting Leader of the House Simon Power advises that Parliament’s Business Committee has agreed to the following schedule for MPs’ retiring from Parliament to present their valedictory statements:

Tuesday 27 September

5:45pm            Sue Kedgley

Wednesday 28 September

5:30pm            Hon. Mita Ririnui

5:45pm            Keith Locke

Thursday 29 September

5:00pm            Dr Ashraf Choudhary

5:15pm            Hon. Heather Roy

5:30pm            Hon. Sir Roger Douglas

5:45pm            Hon. George Hawkins

Tuesday 4 October

5:15pm            Lynne Pillay

5:30pm            Hon. Pete Hodgson

5:45pm            Hon. Jim Anderton

Wednesday 5 October

5:00pm            Sandra Goudie

5:15pm            Hon. Georgina te Heuheu

5:30pm            Hon. Dr Wayne Mapp

5:45pm            Hon. Simon Power

3 Responses to Valedictory schedule

  1. Inventory2 says:

    So; just two weeks left in the life of the 49th Parliament after this week. Does that mean that the Adjournment Debate will take place on Thurs 6/10?


  2. pmofnz says:

    Reads like a list of the damned. Unfortunately 14 wasters that will be replaced on Nov 26th by another 14 no hopers in the trough.


  3. […] Hon. Dr Wayne Mapp5:45pm            Hon. Simon PowerHat Tip: HomepaddockI doubt I’ll attend in person for all of them, but hope to view them all on Sky.No TweetBacks […]


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