RWC support ranking

Liberation has a politico’s  guide to who to support in the Rugby World Cup.

I prefer to keep politics out of sport and base my ranking on emotion:

1 – All Blacks – patriotism and parochialism (Richie McCaw grew up in the Haka Valley).

2 –  Argentina – emotional attachment to the country and its people.

3 –  Scotland – tartan genes.

4 – Canada – lovely people and like us they’re shadowed by a bigger neighbour.

5 – Australia (as long as they’re not playing us) – neighbours, home of brother, sister-in-law and three nieces.

6 – Italy – delicious food and wine.

7 – Tonga – supporters’ passion deserves support.

8. -Fiji – lovely people, pity about the politics.

9 – Samoa  – neighbours.

10 = – Ireland  & Wales – close to Scotland, celtic.

12 –  USA – spent most of July there and loved the positivity of the people.

13 –  Japan- they’re a bit shaken up too.

14 – England – sister-in-law’s home country.

15 – Romania – homeland of friends.

16 = Georgia, Namibia, Russia – they’re unlikely to beat us.

19 – France – lovely people and food but they went more than far enough in the last RWC.

 20 –  South Africa –  they’ve won more than enough times.

3 Responses to RWC support ranking

  1. Richard says:

    1. Scotland:
    a. Played for Army in Scotland in the 70’s. There were 17 of us and I was not a reserve. Dozen of soccer teams.
    b. Saw Colin Meads sent off at Murrayfield – bludged a ticket from Gerald Kember a member of the team and who I had been at school with- it happened right in front of me. Immediately after the game I sent my view of this travesty in morse code to to NZ and received no acknowlegement
    2- 19? Well, its all to do with food isn’t?

  2. Gravedodger says:

    Ele you are standing in the dangerous position of having your feet in separate dingies.
    My maps have the Haka Valley on the wrong side of the Waitaki.
    He may have crossed the river to go to school and he did go to College in Dunedin but I call you on that, nicely of course.

  3. homepaddock says:

    GD – whatever the map says, the Haka valley is emotionally tied with the right side of the Waitaki and it’s all the Mainland anyway.

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