Inaugural farmers market sell-out success

The Oamaru Farmers Market which opened yesterday was so successful many stalls were sold-out within an hour of opening.

As is often the way, the success was due to a small group of people who knew they had a good idea and worked hard to realise it.

Farmers Markets have been tried and failed in Oamaru in the past.

But the preparation put in by organisers and the sell-out success of opening day augers well for the on-going success for this one.

3 Responses to Inaugural farmers market sell-out success

  1. gravedodger says:

    Riccarton weekly Market, (great money maker for Rotary) has some really good value and quality produce but a Local one appears to place a high value on its goods, tourist town I spose.

  2. robertguyton says:

    We have a farmers’ market in Riverton and it features on Al Brown’s show this coming weekend (I think). I get a speaking part too, if they use it. I take Al through my orchards and lead him to the Peasegood Nonsuch and Wosterberries that he uses to create his dessert. Haven’t seen the finished product yet and likely as not I’ll have ended up on the cutting room floor. Great face for radio, me.

  3. Sarah says:

    I guess people realize that industrial food is not the best thing to put into your mouth and places such as farmers markets give them a chance to get local, high quality, super fresh food within a walkable or bikeable distance from their homes.

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