Are we excited yet ? #4

We had expected to be in the minority wearing blue and white in Dunedin on Saturday but there were plenty of others supporting Los Pumas.

Some were Argentineans, some like us have an emotional attachment to the country and its people, some were supporting anyone who played the English and others were just getting into the Rugby World Cup spirit.

Whatever the motivation, the excitement at the stadium was at least equal to that we’d expect if a home team was playing.

Call us biased, but we decided Argentina was the winner on the night, though sadly Los Pumas weren’t on the field.

But excitement wasn’t just confined to the match. The city was buzzing and the hinterland is too.

Tourists, domestic and international, are spreading  – and spending – round Otago and Southland and no doubt further afield.

That stadium of 4 million has grown into 4 million plus friends and it’s fun.

Match of the day: Colac Bay vs Scottish supporters.

P.S. Has the gap between the top teams and the others closed or are they holding back? Often at this stage of a tournament there are run-away scores but this weekend several underdogs almost triumphed.

3 Responses to Are we excited yet ? #4

  1. gravedodger says:

    I am sure the gap is closing, Russia will be revealing in their First WC game.
    Interesting to note James Patterson, step brother of Micheal? (memory) and a very good wing for Canterbury, The Crusaders, Southland and the Highlanders is Now an American Eagle.
    Globalisation is happening, In the Italy Vs Australia game there were three out of four starting locks from South Africa.
    Then there was James Arlidge from Auckland and the Blues in the Brave Blossoms with some other obvious “imports”.
    We have seen some terrific Cup rugby with real drama and as you note some really close results.
    Did Hookes’ kick go over when Wales lose by one, according to the paper apparently not.

  2. robertguyton says:

    Nope. It swung around the post. No touch judge flags were raised.
    That’s a miss. Armchair critics across the country foamed and fizzed.

  3. ihstewart says:

    Spot on about the gap between teams closing Ele, blogged on that myself, also good point on globalisation. The photo in the Herald re the Hooks kick is a bit deceptive until you remember that the real world isn’t two dimensional.

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