What didn’t happen

Dunedin was buzzing when we got down there late yesterday afternoon and the city’s first rugby World Cup game was a success.

No-one got stuck on trains.

No-one we saw did anything they ought not have done.

None of the RWC volunteers, security people and police was anything but, friendly, polite and helpful.

The Otago Stadium didn’t disappoint the capacity crowd.

There were no long queues at the women’s loos (although the men did have a bit of a wait).

The crowd didn’t have any trouble dispersing when the game ended.

Argentina didn’t win.

I didn’t say bugger (but only because I don’t know how to in Spanish).

In other sports news, the Nude Blacks didn’t win their game agaisnt the Spanish Senoritas (warning nudity).

The Spanish team had won a video competition for the right to challenge the Nude Blacks.

3 Responses to What didn’t happen

  1. robertguyton says:

    I too was cheering the Argies, Ele and railed against the British thuggery, cheering their lead-footedness.
    Sadly, I had two Brits watching the game alongside of me so I couldn’t really vent my frustrations as much as I wanted to – or cheer every time Wilkinson missed 🙂


  2. homepaddock says:

    I’m impressed by your restraint, Robert.

    Were your Brits English? I was surprised by the sea of blue and white in the stadium and wondered if it was partly the southern Scottish heritage.

    There were a couple of English people behind us but they took our support of Argentina in good spirit.


  3. robertguyton says:

    The were a Londoner and a Yorkshireman.
    I’m of Shetland and Orkney stock so had no problem quietly cursing the English for their thuggishness.
    I was disappointed by the result but most impressed by the Argentines’ (Argentinians? The commentators said ‘Argentines’ )
    effort. I’m looking forward to their next game.


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