Word of the day

September 11, 2011

Snuzzle – A pleasant combination of snuggling and nuzzling, much like a cat does on it’s owner’s leg; to poke around with one’s nose as dogs do; to thrust the nose against; rub closely with the nose.

How to eat a jellybaby

September 11, 2011

How to eat a jelly-baby isn’t something I’ve ever given much thought to, but it is one of the questions in the Sunday Star Times nationwide politics and psychology survey Brainscan.

Answering puts you in the draw to win an iPad.

I think I eat the whole jelly-baby at once.


September 11, 2011

4/10 in the Herald’s entertainment quiz – all of which were guesses.

Sunday social

September 11, 2011

Sometimes people who comment have something to say but no appropriate post on which to say it.

Consider this your spot to say what you like (within the usual bounds of decency).

For better, for . . .

September 11, 2011

Quote of the week:

…confidence and supply agreements: “They’re like marriage documents – they’re not just for Christmas…They’ve given the government great balance.”

It comes from John Key in a Sunday Star Times profile.

It says a lot about the man and his attitude to commitments he makes.

In coalitions, as in marriage, choosing the right partner in the first place is important and he deliberately ruled out one:

No one believed me, but I was absolutely convinced that on election night 2008, if Peters held the balance of power, I was going to ring Clark and say `it’s all yours’. Because I knew I might be able to put together a government – vaguely – but it would never last. He’s never lasted. Every prime minster has sacked him in the end – it’s just dysfunctional.”

That, in contrast to his predecessor, is very clear evidence that this is a man a principle who does not want power at any cost.

9/11 ten years on

September 11, 2011

It was the morning of September 12th here 10 years ago, but still September 11th in the United States,  when we woke to the sight and sound of planes crashing into the World Trade Centre.

As the day wore on we learned a third plane crashed into the Pentagon and another crashed in  Pennsylvania.

Ten years on we remember the people who died, the people who survived with horrific injuries and the people who acted with heroism to help others.

The best way to honour them is to celebrate freedom and live freely. These are things we usually take for granted and they are concepts the people who led and took part in the attacks and their ilk didn’t and don’t understand.

Keeping Stock posts a documentary on the attacks and the aftermath.

Liberty Scott says 9/11 was an attack on modernity.

Whaleoil reminds us that while most people were running out, people from the emergency services were running in.

What didn’t happen

September 11, 2011

Dunedin was buzzing when we got down there late yesterday afternoon and the city’s first rugby World Cup game was a success.

No-one got stuck on trains.

No-one we saw did anything they ought not have done.

None of the RWC volunteers, security people and police was anything but, friendly, polite and helpful.

The Otago Stadium didn’t disappoint the capacity crowd.

There were no long queues at the women’s loos (although the men did have a bit of a wait).

The crowd didn’t have any trouble dispersing when the game ended.

Argentina didn’t win.

I didn’t say bugger (but only because I don’t know how to in Spanish).

In other sports news, the Nude Blacks didn’t win their game agaisnt the Spanish Senoritas (warning nudity).

The Spanish team had won a video competition for the right to challenge the Nude Blacks.

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