List discriminates against unionists

The National Party list discriminates against unionists according to occupational diversity specialist Professor Really Petty.

“The party list covers almost every other occupation group except unionists and that’s blatant  occupational discrimination,” Prof Petty says.

“The current caucus and probable new entrants include people who’ve worked in business, education, health, farming, finance, manufacturing, the media and theatre, in the public and private sector and for NGOs.

“They are or have been diplomats, doctors academic,  dental and medical; economists, engineers civil and horticultural; farmers, nurses, actors, police, lawyers, teachers, a minister and a valuer. Their backgrounds include arc welding, animal science, arts administration, banking, exporting, health management, hospitality, human resources, foreign relief, information technology, local bodies, real estate, retail, security, shearing and tourism.

” They’ve even got a former beneficiary and a man who was a house-husband. They cover so many occupational backgrounds it makes it easier to see what’s not there than what is and the glaring omission in the National Party list is unionists.”

Prof Petty says that as an oppressed minority unionists are used to being ignored but it’s a very poor reflection on a major political party when it makes not even a token gesture towards including anyone from this endangered class.

“It’s all very well to go on about gender and ethnicity, you can see they’ve got a variety of them. But it’s discrimination you can’t see that hurts the most and what you don’t see in the National list is one single person who identifies as a unionist.”

3 Responses to List discriminates against unionists

  1. Tau Henare kinda counts as a unionist, doesn’t he?


  2. homepaddock says:

    Depends what you’re counting Graeme.


  3. pdm says:

    It looks like the Nats have got something right then.


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