Dam safety amendment welcome

How often have you heard these words from a Minister?:

“We have amended plans for the Scheme, because it was overly costly and complex,” Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson says.

He was commenting on amendments to  the Dam Safety Scheme which have been included in the Building Amendment Bill (No 4).

“The Dam Safety Scheme, as it was set out in the Building Act 2004, would have affected an estimated 1,150 dams, but an independent review found the scheme was too broad, imposing rules and compliance costs out of proportion to the risk,” Mr Williamson says.

The proposed changes mean classified dams will have to be regularly monitored, and any associated risks to people and property from their failure, minimised.

“The amended Scheme will be more effective, because it will clearly target only those dams that pose a high risk. It will be more efficient because it will provide for adequate safety measures without unnecessary compliance costs,” Mr Williamson says.

Many of the dams which would have been affected were relatively small ones on farms.

The amendment is a welcome change to regulations which imposed unnecessary rules and high costs on dams which pose little risk to people or property.

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