Sex by judicial decree no joke

The story of a woman successfully suing her ex-husband because his libido was too low for her liking will probably be treated as a joke.

It’s not funny when you go beyond the headline:

But the strains of work and illness prevented Jean-Louis from fulfilling his matrimonial duties, his advocate pleaded.

Announcing her decision the judge quoted the French civil and penal code, which requires both parties in a marriage to respect ‘lifelong community’ requiring them by law to have sexual relations.

Sex by judicial decree isn’t funny.

It probably would be even less likely to be regarded as amusing  if it was the man who complained about the woman but it’s no more a joke because it was the husband’s low libido which prompted the case rather than the wife’s.

Non-consensual sex is abuse regardless of who’s demanding and who’s reluctant.

A difference in libido would cause problems in a relationship but they would be best sorted out by counselling rather than a court.

One Response to Sex by judicial decree no joke

  1. Peter says:

    But why shouldn’t the Government get involved? They get immersed in every other detail of our lives. What about “smacking” children. (Another broken John Key assurance there). What about maori whanau uplifting the deceased in spite of protests of immediate family? This is one weird country.


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