The New Zealand Press Association, our only national news agency, will close today after 131 years supplying news stories to media outlets throughout the country.

Writing in April about the proposed closure Karl du Fresne called it a seriously retrograde step:

NZPA has fulfilled an historically significant role – one that remains valid even in the digital era. When it was launched in 1880, NZPA had the effect of bringing New Zealand together. For the first time, via the telegraph, New Zealanders had ready access to news and information from beyond their own regions. Historians have credited this with creating a sense of national cohesion in place of the narrow, regional parochialism that previously prevailed. At its peak, 74 member newspapers subscribed to the NZPA service, which gave them access to news of importance supplied by other member papers from all over the country.

Competition between APN and Fairfax which own most of our newspapers will determine how much we lose or gain from NZPA’s demise.

2 Responses to RIP NZPA

  1. adam2314 says:

    I would rather rely on Whale oils tip line HP. than the press.

  2. gravedodger says:

    I have many nostalgic memories of the BBC World News at 6pm when milking the cow by hand gave the silence to listen followed by Radio Newsreel a commentary/ documentary on world news.
    That was accurate dispassionate factual news. Later authenticated by published history.
    There was no wireless news on the hour every hour from a New Zealand source, only one daily bulletin at 9 pm from National stations.
    All court news was in the local paper except divorce proceedings they came courtesy of NZ Truth. Murder and other significant legal proceedings were printed verbatum in the dailys.
    I still have memories of the seemingly endless Pyramid mower Case in the CHCH court, at the time the longest running legal proceedings over patents and intellectual property ownership.
    I am dribbling, what was that relevant Word of the day, SWMBO commented on it.
    Will history be as kind to the published spin that is churned out by Press secretaries and public relations consultants today, in another 50 years.
    Was I born a news junkie or was I led into that.
    Yes the demise of NZPA will be sad but with so many journalists being only repeaters and their employers not prepared to spend scarce resources on investigative aspects we are already the poorer.
    God forbid the legend in his own mind, “news aggregater”, who used to drive everyone to the depths of despair at KB will step up to fill the gap. I sincerely hope not.

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