Three times a world champ

Valarie Adams has won her third World Championship shot put title.

Her 21.24 metre throw equalled the world  record  World Championship record, breaking both the New Zealand record and her personal best.

Keeping Stock, the NZ blogosphere’s sports king, says:

At just 26 years old, Adams has the world at her feet. Her third World Championship sits alongside two Comonwealth Games gold medals and the Olympic gold medal from Beijing in 2008. She is well on her way to becoming New Zealand’s best-ever track and field athlete; shot-putters traditionally mature late, and it’s conceivable that she could have another ten years of competing at the top level and at the pinnacle of her powers.

I am in awe of the physical and mental strength it takes to be a top athlete and this win makes her one of our very best.

3 Responses to Three times a world champ

  1. Alwyn says:

    It was equalling the World Championship record, not the World record.
    The World record is still, I think, 22.64m and dates back to 1987.
    Of course if you believe it was not assisted by drugs I have a very good deal for you on the Brooklyn bridge, which I can let you have cheap.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for the correction – and I’ll pass on the bridge.

  3. Inventory2 says:

    Cheers for the kind words Ele. Alwyn is right; the World Record will never be broken, simply because it was set in the bad old days when steroids ruled.

    The IAAF should expunge all those old and obviously cheated records from the book so that a real champion like Adams can get the recognition she so richly deserves. In the meantime, she should be good for at least three more Olympics (she’ll only be 35 in 2020; not old at all for a shot-putter), and who knows what records she may have broken legally by then.

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