SMOG pollutes campaign clear-air

National Party MPs’ blogs have been labelled boring.

As an active member even I will admit there is some truth in that accusation but there is a very good reason for that. Exciting posts usually generate publicity of the wrong kind.

There is no better example of that than the SMOG (Social Media Own Goal) over at Red Alert which Keeping Stock details:

We’ve blogged a bit about SMOG’s lately; Social Media Own Goals. Well, Clare Curran has scored an absolute beauty today. Over at Red Alert, and under the heading The importance of being Labour, she blogged:

    Have had a gutsful of the white-anting of Labour from both the right and the left of politics.

White-anting is an Australian expression. It means undermining . .

Now Clare, as she proudly points out is a “public relations professional”. So what was she thinking when she followed he first post up with one entitled The importance of being Labour #2? There she blogged:

 And on another note, re white-anting; the attempts by the Greens to encroach on Labour territory . . .

Comments in response from the left aren’t impressed with this born-to-rule attitude and include:

  • Greens white-anting Labour?

    Surely you mean, contesting the same constituency rather than ‘encroaching’, right?

    You seriously think you have the unquestioning allegiance of my vote as a worker?

    I don’t think you need to look to far to see why mobilising labour in NZ is facing a few hurdles with this kind of thinking.

Discussion also raged on Twitter, prompting Dim Post to post on why the left should vote strategically.

 And Imperator Fish asks if Red Alert is damaging Labour.

The answer to that is yes.

There are only so many column inches in papers or minutes of air time available for politics and the last thing any party needs is to have them covering this sort of spat.

It would be better to be accused of being boring than producing SMOG that pollutes the clear air needed to run a positive campaign.

6 Responses to SMOG pollutes campaign clear-air

  1. morofrujurashuns says:

    Apart from the greens, here are some other groups of people who have been white-anting labour and should look out for clare curran on the warpath

    Scientologists – took tom cruise after helen made a secret visit to meet him.

    mana party – for calling white people racist. only the pacificans in labour can do that

    facebook – for being better than clare and trev at social media and being a pirate on facebook is way more fun than in real life clare.

    the breakaways in the tour de france for winning a proper cycling race against proper cyclists. trevor mounting the cote de parnell rise? better stop for a skinny flat white at the top, just to recharge the batteries

    act on campus – just for having the gall to practise politics on campus that isn’t of a left persuasion. I’d add the young nats, but they are even more boring than the old nats.

    that group of guys at the quiz night at the thistle inn – nobody knows more about rigging a contest just to get at the prize than labour does.

    london rioters – for meaning to thieve from the rich but really robbing the poor

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    Alf has been seriously wounded by these “boring” accusations that – he would argue – have been somewhat indiscriminately thrown at Nat bloggers. He will need a stiff drink or three to regain his equilibrium.

  3. Andrei says:

    Labour is completely out of touch with its core constituency – In real life the average Labour MP is a professional with a degree and little to no real life experience.

    And it really shows as the redundancies bite in South Dunedin,

    The people in that electorate are almost completely disenfranchised as all the political parties mock them with more of the same elitist candidates instead of a real representative for them in Wellington.

  4. homepaddock says:

    morofrujurashuns – could we add:

    John Key – for being popular.

    The Maori Party – for showing they can contribute to a government.

    Twitter – for showing up twits.

    The All Blacks – for winning in NZ.

    The All Blacks – for losing in South Africa.

    People who respond to polling – for being honest.

    Farmers – for being farmers.

  5. homepaddock says:

    Alf – humble apologies for the slight, you are of course an exception.

    Andrei – you’re right it’s out of touch with its constituency because it no longer reflects it.

  6. morofrujurashuns says:

    you couldn’t add john key because that is not white-anting as clare describes it. Same for the maori party, labour, even in government couldn’t contribute.

    You could add the irish ref on sunday morning for retroactively validating the rules broken by the TMO

    me – for using social media

    the labor party whore chaser in australia for spending public money like it was ones own.

    kiwirail – for being the choice of the masses (dubious)

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