Real job creation preserve of private sector

Quote of the week from John Scandrett, Otago Southland Employers Association CEO:

“If a job gets created by the public sector, or by a charity,  then it’s funded either by tax dollars or donations that were both initially created by the private sector.”   

This doesn’t mean there aren’t necessary and meaningful jobs in the public service and charities. It does mean that funding for them comes directly or indirectly from the private sector.

To ensure the private sector created the maximum number of jobs, everyone had to do their part to ensure barriers were not inadvertently put in the way.   

Barriers could include things like unnecessarily high taxes, too much regulation and difficulties getting consents.   

Those were all things the Government could do something about in a job creating supporting capacity, he said.   

“The Government should concentrate on removing the barriers that get in the way of the private sector creating jobs.”  

More flexible employment law, lower tax rates and a start on reducing the burden of the state under National have removed some of the barriers to job creation in the private sector and there is still work to be done.

But the effort shold be on improving the enviroment which helps the private sector create jobs rather than the government creating jobs itself.

4 Responses to Real job creation preserve of private sector

  1. Viking says:

    The employment Law is more flexible??

    No it isn’t. It has n more rules than ever. Can I negotiate with a young person about their hourly rate. ahhh well no.
    Can I sack someone without a legal battle that costs more than the person earnn’t for the comp[any. well no.
    Need we go on?
    Our employment law is not flexible, its highly structured.which is why people are poorly paid except where unions are able to rort that ratepayer/taxpayer or the company.
    No wonder manufacturers et al have gone and will remain oversea’s, why our housing costs so much. (ref the cost of roofing iron with 120k salaries for labourers),
    Just more barriers in the way of wealth creation.


  2. homepaddock says:

    It’s still a work in progress but the 90 day trial period and less pedantry around the letter of the law in disputes are welcome improvements.


  3. mort says:

    “a start…” pfft

    The RMA is still for all intents and purposes the biggest roadblock to job creation in the country. The only people the recent changes helped were the Govt itself. The private sector is still being raped daily by this travesty in both theft of property rights and the exponential increases in the local authorities levies including rates in order to pay for the governance of the imbecilic law.

    Youth rates equilisation repeal was vetoed by the Nationalsocialists, condemning 40k school leavers to a life of welfarism.


  4. mort says:

    National have been softer than a lardo’s midrift when it comes to real job creation strategies. The only jobs they have created are Zombie ones, which as pointed out in your article all rely on the forced appropriations from the wealth creators and producers of the country.


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