Might is wrong in London

Attacks from outside or from nature are bad enough but the riots which are spreading across London are from within.

The Guardian reports:

As disturbances entered a third day, the scale of civil disobedience reached unprecedented levels, with incidents in all corners of the capital.

The violence, which began in Tottenham, north London on Saturday spread south and east to Brixton, Streatham, Walthamstow, Edmonton, Enfield, Oxford Circus and Islington on Sunday.

By last night further outbreaks of disorder involving hundreds of hooded yobs had taken place in Hackney, Clapton, East Ham, Lewisham and Clapham Junction. Property and shops were set on fire in Peckham and Croydon . . .

. . . Riot officers, whose numbers had been quadrupled in anticipation of widespread violence, seemed largely powerless to intervene as they were outnumbered.

Other areas including Barking, Brent Cross, Palmers Green, Kilburn and Shepherds Bush were expecting violence as gangs of youths congregated. Shops across the capital closed early amid fears that the riots would spread further. Teams of riot officers were on standby in every borough in London.

West Midlands Police confirmed that extra officers were on patrol after the force became aware of a message circulated on social networking sites suggesting that Birmingham city centre would be targeted.

This isn’t politically motivated action against an evil regime. It’s mindless violence aimed at innocent property owners and people.

The BBC reports:

Metropolitan Police Commander Adrian Hanstock said: “This is not groups of people acting on behalf of communities or with any consent.

“This is individuals who are actually attacking communities, businesses, properties and houses and actually causing a huge amount of upset and criminality.”

The culprits are mostly young and Liberty Scott says they just want some free stuff:

. . . It is not because of the protest of the shooting of Mark Duggan, in a case that is now under investigation.   One can’t remotely claim that those rioting in Tottenham, Hackney, Wood Green, Enfield and now Lewisham are some response to the Police.  Petrol bombing shops, flats and buses, is not about some sort of protest.  There was a peaceful protest on Saturday about it, and Duggan’s family long called for an end to any violence . . .

These are looters, they are amoral, impulsive young men and women who have no conception of the rights of others, who have no respect for the property of others, who couldn’t care less if people lose their livelihoods, businesses or homes.   They are the output of a culture of entitlement that says if you want something you should have it, you don’t need to work or save for it, for either the state will pay for it, or someone will give it to you – or you just take it when you can.  A culture of hedonistic whim worshipping, that says if it feels good it’s ok and it doesn’t matter who or what you destroy or harm in the process – might is right.
Might in this case is wrong.
It is also a sign of people disconnected from society and the rules, standards and self-discipline required to keep it functioning and to keep people and property safe.

2 Responses to Might is wrong in London

  1. Andrei says:

    It’s not the first time London has seen riots by a long shot.

    And it wont be the last, neither.

    Riots are like big storms they come along and those who are not great stakeholders in the society in which they occur let some steam out. And those that are tsk tsk

    If they get really big you end up with a revolution and some serious blood spilling.

    Then the ruling class re-emerges in new guise and you start all over again.


  2. Andrei says:

    It is also a sign of people disconnected from society and the rules, standards and self-discipline required to keep it functioning and to keep people and property safe.

    Perhaps you can answer my question that I have posed here.

    It’s quite hard but very very pertinent to this post and that statement in particular


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