Final, final farewell to Carisbrook

We were at what was supposed to be the final test at Carisbrook when the – All Blacks played Wales last year.

However, Christchurch’s earthquake mounted munted Jade Stadium which gave the ‘Brook a final, final test against Fiji last month.

Rfdunedin reminded me the final inter-provincial between southern rivals, Otago and Southland will be played there today and his memories of its past brought back some of mine.

My first visits were when I was a student, standing on the terrace.

It would have been a couple of decades before I went back in the early days of the Highlanders when it was stacked full of All Blacks – Taine Randell, Jeff Matheson, Tony Brown, Marc Ellis, Josh Kronfeld . . .

There were other rugby tests and some cricket matches too.

But the highlight was watching Otago win the NPC. I think that was John Leslie’s last game for Otago and he was given the ball for the last play of the game which was a kick for a penalty.

A stadium doesn’t make a team but here’s hoping the new Forsyth Barr one creates even more good memories.

For far more informed and detailed memories, Brent Edwards recorded his for the ODT last year.

6 Responses to Final, final farewell to Carisbrook

  1. JC says:

    The earthquake “mounted” Jade Stadium?

    Oh well, the result was the same.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Whoops I’m using an iPad which autho corrects. But now I wonder, is munted a verb or just an adjective?

  3. Andrei says:

    Farerwell the “House of Pain”.

    I hate loosing tradition – never liked the cake tin in Wellington sterile horrible place to watch sport if you ask me.

    Athletic Park was Ok and the Basin Reserve a more perfect place for Cricket is unimaginable.

    And now another hallowed ground bites the dust.


  4. Alan says:

    Controversy about the cost of the new stadium aside (and I live far enough away that I’m not paying for it, so I don’t have a dog in that hunt) I think it will be a wonderful venue for rugby, league and football.

    Filled up it will have an intensity of atmosphere unmatched by larger, multi-purpose arenas. I look forward to seeing a game there, one day.

  5. gravedodger says:

    Andrei totally agree on The Basin Reserve but can’t do likewise on the Cake Tin or that abomination Athletic Park.
    First Athletic Park. Cannot think of any redeeming features other than the admittedly large bundle of History tied up with it.
    Perched in a saddle exposed to all winds and at times blizards, access was a nightmare and that Millard Stand.
    The very best view I have ever watched rugby from but the way it moved when the crowd jumped to its feet, lurching to assist the favored team and in the aftermath of the shakes we have endured, I shudder when I think about it .
    The dungeonlike changing sheds were another forgettable feature.

    As for The Cake Tin, as a multiuse stadium almost perfect.Have attended concerts, including the Edinburgh Tattoo show, ODI cricket, not my fav sport, International and domestic Rugby and when you add in the Pheonix and the rugby sevens and compare it to the Athletic park shambles an old folks home was a far better use.

    As an aside with Athletic Park and now Carisbrook the move was made for very good reasons, could even be called progress. With our dear old lady, Lancaster Park we have probably had it surgically removed and that is Painful.

    Blessed be “The Brook” and all who trailed in her.

  6. pdm says:

    At least Carisbrook has maintained it’s correct name to the bitter end unlike a number of other stadia around NZ – Lancaster Park being a prime example.

    I am very pleased the McLean Park in Napier has also managed to do so and hope that will continue until i am well past being able to attend the occasional game there.

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