PM resigns GG calls snap election over Sky Hawk scandal

The Prime Minister has resigned and the Governor General has announced a snap election after Labour dirt-diggers uncovered a scandal.

“They always said it was the little things that get you and I’ve tried to be really careful. But I honestly didn’t think it would matter if I took one of the Sky Hawk fighter jets to play with when they’re not worth anything,” a visibly upset former Prime Minister told reporters.

“They couldn’t get the payment to the PR agency for my Letterman appearance stick. They couldn’t say anything about my decision to keep away from debates between the wee parties because they agree with me on that  so they began digging deeper.

“One of their people happened to glance up while rifling through my rubbish bin and saw the Sky Hawk sitting on my lawn. There was no way I could deny it was there so the only honourable thing to do was resign.

“The people deserve an opposition which focuses on what really matters and the longer they were distracted by attempts to attack me personally, the further away they got from what they should have been doing.

“Now I’ve resigned, they’ll have time to work on policy development, help their constituents and begin looking like a government in waiting.”

The former Prime Minister was about to say something else but his words were drowned out by the sound of flapping wings from a herd of of pigs flying overhead.

6 Responses to PM resigns GG calls snap election over Sky Hawk scandal

  1. Andrei says:

    If I were you Ele I wouldn’t make posts like this because they might give Labour a clue,

    Maybe not they are pretty dense after all.

    But the more they try and beat up on John Key their shallowness and lack of direction becomes apparent.

    Here is Clare Curran trying to connect John Key with the first Gulf War through a very tenuous chain of events in the best traditions conspiracy theorists.

    God help us all – this woman will be back in Parliament after the election and for once I can’t take a shot at MMP. The good folks of South Dunedin ticking the Labour candidate’s box is a reflex action absorbed with their mother’s milk


  2. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – anyone who draws a blow as long as Curran has in that link is in danger of shooting themselves.

    The good folks of Duendin South have a wonderful alternative in Jo Hayes this election, should they overcome that reflex action.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    I posted this on the Red Alert thread here after WhaleOil had made a reference to Labour’s “stealing underpants” strategy. It seems to be the character from whom Trevor Mallard is taking inspiration:

    Underpants, Underpants, Hooray for Captain Underpants!

    To his credit, Nash has since admitted on Red Alert that calling Key a “prick” was ill-advised. But really; you have to wonder how far further Labour can sink.


  4. Andrei says:

    Joanne Hayes? From the Manawatu? Long standing connections with the Hillside workshops, perhaps?

    She’s gonna find it cold in the deep South no?

    A carpetbagger – well she would be if she had a hope in hell of taking the seat.

    Mind you a good position on the list will soon fix that and the deep South will soon be left behind as back to the warmer climes of the lower North Island she heads.


  5. homepaddock says:

    She’s campaigning so hard she won’t have time to get cold, Andrei.

    I don’t consider someone who makes the commitment to an electorate that she has a carpetbagger.


  6. Richard says:

    “Exclusive!” :

    “PM Microwaves Babies!”


    “PM Eats Babies!”

    Clare Curran is not very smart but neither is the Labour Party in trying to attack John Key.

    Perhaps Claire Curran might like to reflect, that her international experience is limited to NZ, Aus and a recent, first trip, to the UK. but not Kuwait or any other part of the world.

    What a silly woman


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