Dairy prices trending down

In polling and business it’s the trend that counts and the trend in dairy prices is down.

The trade  weighted index dropped for the fourth time in a row in the fortnightly globalDairyTrade auction.

However, it wasn’t a big drop – just 1.3% – and prices are still above the long term average.

Whole milk powder was down 0.3% to $3,474/MT; skim milk powder was down 1.4% to $3,479/MT; anhydrous milk fat dropped 7.2% to $4,297/MT; butter milk power was up 3.3% to $3,319/MT; rennet casein was down 4.6% to $9,498/MT; milk protein concentrate icnreased 1.7% to $5,632/MT and cheese was down 2.3% to $4,220/MT.

3 Responses to Dairy prices trending down

  1. Bulaman says:

    Here in Bulaland I cannot buy milk in the super markets.All that is available in Suva is some old looking skim milk and powder..what the??


  2. homepaddock says:

    Is that because not everyone has fridges?

    In Spain we couldn’t get fresh milk either – it was either powder or UHT.


  3. Bulaman says:

    Normally some form of liquid milk..today nada apart from some skim and some cream.


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