Just wondering . . .

. . . why electricians put sockets in such inaccessible places.

They might not be attractive but I’d rather look at them when I don’t need them than have to scrabble round tyring to plug something in when I do.

2 Responses to Just wondering . . .

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    They weren’t when first put in – its just we tend to move furniture around and logic decrees it will always be better where we move it to….. yes you guessed….. right in front of the electrical socket!!!!!


  2. gravedodger says:

    Very interesting moving into an old house that has been long term occupied by a couple who may have been there when electricity was connected.
    One outlet in a living room!!!, only a light in a bedroom and the bathroom.
    Out buildings not even connected

    Fertile ground for a quick research in anthropology/ sociology, eh.

    As a measure of Poverty, how many outlets places one above the line.


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