Restaurant rule of relativity

The quality of food at a restaurant or cafe is inversely proportional to the number of pictures on the menu.

I’ve tested this rule at home and abroad and found it reasonably reliable.

No pictures on the menu doesn’t guarantee good food but lots of pictures almost certainly guarantees bad food.

2 Responses to Restaurant rule of relativity

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    As a rule of thumb, Hp, I would agree.
    And the size of the dish – like ladies knickers I’m told – is in inverse proportion to the cost.


  2. mort says:

    Personally when I eat Asian, I choose the joint that has the most Asians in it, preferably the cheaper the tables and fit out the better, because those people spend money on the food and not on the ambience. It also suits my I have eaten now, i am going attitude to food


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