Can’t make law if don’t understand and keep it

Labour just don’t get it – they aren’t above the law.

The Electoral Finance Act they pushed through was a dog’s breakfast. National repaled it and replaced it with legislation on which Labour was consulted and for which they voted.

While not as bad as the EFA, it’s far from perfect but that’s what happens, when you aim for concensus you oftn end up with compromise.

But good law or bad, it is the law and it is incumbent on those who make it to understand it and keep it.

Labour doesn’t appear to understand the law for which they voted, they don’t want to keep it and are criticising officals for administering it.

Kiwiblog posts on posts written by Damien O’Connor and Clare Curran at Red Alert in which they complain about the Electoral Act and the Electoral Commission.

MPs who neither understand nor keep the law cannot be entrusted with making it.

2 Responses to Can’t make law if don’t understand and keep it

  1. […] As Homepaddock says, Liarbour should not be above the law. If they cannot understand or obey the law, they cannot be entrusted to make it! […]


  2. pdm says:

    The fascinating thing about the O’Connor post and thread is the deletion and threatening of comments with dissenting views.

    Hardly a good look when it comes to freedom of speech and thought..


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