Greens picking National win

The Green Party is picking a National win in November’s election.

Trans Tasman reports on the debate over the oath MPs must take and writes:

Green’s Kevin Hague, say they’re going to test Smith when the new Parliament is sworn in after the November general election.

Although Lockwood Smith has been a very good speaker, including raising the standard of answers required by Ministers which his colleagues don’t always appreciate, it is most unlikely that he’d remian in that office if Labour won the election.

Hague’s comments show he’s expecting a National win.

It must be tough for Labour when even their friends assume they’ll lose.

11 Responses to Greens picking National win

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    Do you think Robert is a “friend” of Labour?


  2. Quintin Hogg says:

    Testing Lockwood?
    The act that governs the swearing in off MP’s prescribes the oath to be taken.
    If people don;t like the act they should muster the numbers in Parliament to change the law.
    To suggest that MP’s can ignore or overlook the law by using a different form of oath simply shows a lack of respect for the rule of law and the laws the oath requires them to uphold.


  3. pdm says:

    The Greens and the rule of law are seldom compatible QH.


  4. When the new Parliament is sworn in after the election, Smith won’t be Speaker.

    They don’t elect the Speaker until after the MPs are sworn in.


  5. Inventory2 says:

    @ Fred – Robert is certainly a friend (or supporter) of Phil Goff; every time I mention him, Robert sticks his fingers in his ears, squeezes his eyes shut and pretends to be asleep. Either that, or he does the “Look over there; what’s John Key doing?” routine. Neither is convincing. Robert just can’t face the thought that once again his be;loved Greens will have no influence until at least 2014.


  6. fredinthegrass says:

    Oh, Iv2, dont you feel a wee sad!


  7. robertguyton says:

    Ele – this post couldn’t be more lightweight if you tied a helium balloon to it. Did bring some of your lightweights out into the light though, Fred and Graeme excepted. Graeme’s point-of-order somewhat destroys your argument. Of course, Smith could again be Speaker with a Labour Government, should they choose him.
    I like Kevin’s heads-up though! What fun the Greens will have, should an authoritarian Government park their entitled bums on the seats of power and the fuming and vein-popping would make grand viewing! How the Keeping Stock (it’s unfair to say ‘Laughing Stock’, so I won’t) crew will wail and screech, tear their hair and beat their breasts! Inv2 will go gang-busters and … write a post about Phil Goff!! YIKES!


  8. robertyguyton – my point was that Kevin Hague is wrong. When/If they’re sworn in after the election they won’t be testing Lockwood Smith, they’ll be testing Mary Harris, the Clerk of the House.


  9. robertguyton says:

    Thank you Graeme – I understood your first post. There might be opportunities for Kevin and co. to test Lockwood’s Speaker skills, providing the Labour-led Government re-installs him as Speaker, as I believe can be done. Not at the swearing-in, as you say, but on any number of issue throughout the term. Of course Kevin himself might be Speaker…


  10. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for pointing out the rules Graeme. Should we be concerned an MP doesn’t know them?


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