If you can’t trust them with the rules you can’t trust them to rule

What can you say about a party that breaks the rules it helped to enact, makes a half-hearted apology, says it won’t do it again then does it again while under investigation by the police?

Whaleoil has a flyer that was delivered in West Auckland yesterday.

It has the parliamentary crest which means you and I paid for it. That is stretching the rules because it is for political not parliamentary purposes.

It has no authorisation statement. That is breaking the rules.

What does it say about Labour?

They’re broke and so desperate they’ll stretch the rules around parliamentary funding and they’ll break the law – again – even while under investigation for the same offence.

If you can’t trust a party to work within the rules you can’t trust them to rule.

54 Responses to If you can’t trust them with the rules you can’t trust them to rule

  1. Andrei says:

    I don’t think that anybody who is even half awake is going to cast their vote for Labour.

    But that doesn’t mean National is worth a tick, They are just the best of a very bad bunch.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Our mutual friend Robert has already visited my blog to tell me how boring he finds all this attention on Labour. I guess that means that he thinks that the law only applies to our side of the political divide, and that for the Left, the end justifies the means.


  3. robertguyton says:

    * whispers Exclusive Brethren!


  4. homepaddock says:

    The Exclusive Brethren didn’t break the law and aren’t a political party trying to persuade voters they’re worthy of governing.


  5. robertguyton says:

    Clean as whistles, along with Mr Key, Mr Brash and Mr Joyce.
    What was all the fuss about then.
    Silly Greens!


  6. Allan says:

    Well said Elle, the current bunch of Labour Politicians are just as arrogant now as when their party was in power. By their actions they are showing the same contempt to the people of NZ that was shown when they ruled the roost for those wasted 9 years, they simply believe that the law applies to everyone else except themselves. Long may they languish on the opposition benches as they have not got the morals, the intelligence, or the ability to govern. They are totally untrustworthy.


  7. robertguyton says:

    Allan – National languished there for 9 long years.
    I wonder if they were doing time for the same reasons you ascribe to Labour?
    Those two bigger parties are not to be trusted at all, as their records show.
    That’s why I vote Green. They are clean.


  8. Inventory2 says:

    Quite right Robert; you’ve even bored yourself to sleep!!


  9. homepaddock says:

    “What was all the fuss about then.”

    The fuss was because Brash didn’t join the dots between a pamphlet waved in his face about which he knew nothing and a meeting held months earlier.

    He was wrongly accused of lying when he denied knowing about the pamphlet beign waved at him. It wasn’t until a few days later he connected the meeting with the pamphlet.

    That got all the publicity while Labour’s pledge card rort which was discovered at the same time got almost none.

    P.S. The Brethren spent their own money,not the public’s.


  10. robertguyton says:

    As they say Ele – comedic gold!

    * sub-plot – Sneaky, backroom attempts to subvert the democratic process get the tick on Homepaddock!


  11. robertguyton says:

    National enters into shady, shabby deals with a wealthy lobby group in order to arrange and encourage the discrediting of an opposition party, lying about it’s involvement, attempting to deny all knowledge until caught out and challenged…

    but that’s alright! We’re the Mighty National Party.
    We’re ENTITLED!


  12. Andrei says:

    Phttttt Robert Guyton

    Labour put out pamphlets promoting policies I don’t agree with using my money

    The EB put out pamphlets promoting ideas, which as an aside I tended to endorse, using their own money.

    Which is worse?

    There is nothing wrong with people engaging in political debate, indeed the opportunity to do so goes right to the heart of democracy.

    The stifling of debate and the use of Government power to control political dialogue is what is somewhat unhealthy – a truly leftist position


  13. robertguyton says:

    I don’t care ‘which is worse’ Andrei, I’m just enjoying contrasting the righteous indignation being expressed here with the actions of the party beloved by these posters/commentators.
    The sneaky business of National and the Exclusive Brethren makes criticism of Labour’s behaviour sound very … hollow … don’t you think?
    The Greens meanwhile, are clean.


  14. robertguyton says:

    The Brethren, you’ll recall, used their own money but employed National’s (undeclared) help in strategising and designing wording for the infamous pamphlets. Can’t say the used public money for that,’cause they never declared it! That’s what I (don’t) call Integrity.
    But hey! Labour eh! What rotters!
    * sound of stones breaking panes in glasshouses


  15. Inventory2 says:

    The Greens meanwhile, are clean.

    Mike Ward and Cath Delahunty probably didn’t think that when they were forced to take one for the team in 2008. So much for the Greens’ party list being the one with the most integrity because it reflected the wishes of the party’s rank and file. The Greens abused the MMP process for no reason other than to allow their co-leader (male) to campaign as an MP (with travel and accomodation entitlements) rather than as a prospective MP who would have been campaigning at his or the party’s expense.

    Go back to sleep Robert; your beloved Greens are just as bad as any of the rorters at the trough.


  16. robertguyton says:

    “your beloved Greens are just as bad as any of the rorters at the trough.”

    What pure and unadulterated clap-trap from you Inv2. You bang on and on about this issue, hoping against hope that some fool, somewhere will believe that your claim, if true, in any way at all comes even slightly close to the extent and degree of ‘troughing’ lying, duplicitous behaviour from National, Labour and of course Act-which-is-National-revealed.
    Feeble Inv2, with the grunt of a paramecium’s fart, your attempt to shunt the Clean Greens into the dirty, stinking trough in which the aforementioned parties wallow. As a cheer-boy for the Nats, I suppose you’re honour (ha!) bound to stick up for them, but it’s quite silly.
    The clandestine, furtive sneak-fest that was the Exclusive Brethren ‘incident’ alone, eclipses any Green ‘scandal’ and the EB disgrace is but one of a growing collection of National Party disgraces (Richard Worth anyone? Whatever happened to the Wong investigation etc. etc. etc.)


  17. Moist von Lipwig says:

    Robert..What terrifies you so much about the Exclusive Brethren?
    I work and interact with these people daily. Have you any idea at all about them, or are you just shooting your mouth off as usual, in response to some unpleasant truths they published about your beloved Greens.


  18. robertguyton says:

    I have some idea about the EB’s Moist, and have met a talked with brethren on many occasions. You’ll note that I’ve not criticised them here at all! If you think I have, please cut’n’paste my words.


  19. Inventory2 says:

    Touched a nerve, did I Robert? For a non-issue, that was an especially verbose reply, even by your standards.


  20. homepaddock says:

    The Clean Greens you speak of Robert can’t be the ones who voted to endorse Labour’s pledge card rort.


  21. Inventory2 says:

    Or supported the passage of the original Electoral Finance Act Ele…


  22. robertguyton says:

    Grasping at straws you two. In the face of National’s litany of disgraces, you should just say, well, yes, true. But no. You’re determined to paint the Greens a colour other than their true clean verdant hue.
    It’s feeble. Touched a nerve Inv2? Hardly. The post is about Labour. And the hypocrisy of National supporters who throw stones from their very fragile glass house. The verbosity is just because I like to give rein to the words sometime. Generally, I’m very restrained. A minimalist commentator you might say.


  23. gravedodger says:

    A legend in his own mind of Riverton will need new tyres for his next WOF as he is just spinning his wheels here.
    Greens clean, EXCUSE ME,
    The late Rod Donalds sop to recycling VW Combi Van leaving a trail of Blue smoke as he made his way round the Peninsula acting very appropriately. Efficient not
    The Green Party housing Rort.
    The Green Party asking for party votes so as not to endanger Labour’s electorate chances because they are not an environment focussed party they are just another bunch of socialists wearing a green cape to falsely tout for votes.
    The rort of sidestepping Ward and Delahunly who were the window dressing for them at election time but were in the way of gaining state funding for their Aussie ginga import as the male hair.
    Green party MPs pretending to represent an electorate when all their responsibilities were in Wellington and expending copious quantities of Carbon doing their impersonation of Al Gore. Do as I say Not as I do.
    Their blind support for the Ghastly EFA with all its anti democratic implications and loopholes for backdoor state funding of campaign costs.

    Robert hop on down to OPSM and get an eye check your rose tints are not assisting you to see clearly.


  24. robertguyton says:

    Rod Donald drove the winding hills of Akaroa in … wait for it .. a petrol-powered vehicle and Dear Old Gravy sees RED!!!
    ABSOLUTE PROOF that the Greens are AS CORRUPT AS NATIONAL!!! Rod drove a van. That’s settled it for me. I must REJECT the Greens here and now. ROD DROVE A VAN!!!
    A VAN!!!!!!!
    I’m shaken to the CORE!
    A van!!
    This is a TRAVESTY!!!!
    Everything I ever believed in SHATTERED!!
    I must vote ACT, now that the scales have fallen from my eyes.
    Dear Gravy – THANK YOU!!!
    From the BOTTOM of my heart.


  25. Quintin Hogg says:

    Silly question I know, but Robert, do you believe in the rule of law?
    Sometimes I wonder.


  26. Inventory2 says:

    @ Quintin; if I may be so presumptious as to speak for the Lord Mayor of Riverton, it’s a known fact that the law only applies to those on the right of the political divide. On the Left, the end justifies the means, and the rule of law is inconsequential. That’s why the co-leader (female) of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is a self-confessed anarchist, who has also been a candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.


  27. robertguyton says:

    Inv2 – you’re under pressure to defend the scurrilous behaviour of the National Party and it’s not unexpected that you’d fly ‘off the handle’ and start to accuse all and sundry of any misdemeanour’s your fevered brain can contrive of, but really, charging the female co-leader of being and anarchist is laaaaaaaaaaame to the extreme!
    Is that it?
    Is that all you’ve got?
    I’m embarrassed for you.
    You’re a silly chap.

    Quintin – why do you ask?


  28. Inventory2 says:

    I’m under no pressure at all Robert. I’m not a member of the National Party (and haven’t been since I was a Young Nat in the mid-70’s), and though I would love to be the paid blogger I am sometimes accused of being, I do it for love.

    But why so defensive about your co-leader? I’m only going by what’s on her profile on the Greens’ website; are you saying it’s untrue?

    Wiser and a little older, Metiria then moved to Auckland where she came into contact with three groups that would prove instrumental in developing her political conscience: the anarchist movement, NORML, and the McGillicuddy Serious Party.


    As for your response to Quintin’s question; lame! Given the number of times you demand answers to the questions you pose on other blogs, I’m surprised that you don’t want to answer Quintin.

    And to Quintin; Robert dodged answering a very similar question from me on Keeping Stock this very morning. His silence is telling…


  29. gravedodger says:

    Expensive young shining wit,
    In answer to six examples that I see as examples that completely counter your rose tinted fraudulent description of the greens as clean, you choose to attempt to give me a kicking for daring to sully the memory of Saint Rod.
    My point, simple twit, was that in his attempt to use the vehicle as part of the image, it was an inefficient, oil burning, unsuitable choice that was the antithesis of what he preached. ie an efficient clean running safe vehicle.

    BTW I had and would still have, a far greater respect for his politics than you and yours, with your vainglorious attempts to promulgate your rubbish here.

    Now run along and wash your handies for tea there’s a good boy.


  30. Quintin Hogg says:


    Becasue I can and I am interested.


  31. mort says:

    The Bretho’s spent their own tax paid dollars, Labour rorted and stole off the taxpayer, and continue to flaunt the LAW as it stands today (thank phuck Power is resigning, he couldn’t damage democracy anymore if he tried).
    How can the green’s be squeaky clean when the policies they want for the world would put us all firmly back in the stoneage, dying at 30, wiping out the rest of tane’s creatures to subsistence feed


  32. robertguyton says:

    mort – you’re an idiot.
    Quinton – please explain what it it you want me to address.
    Inv2 – grow up
    Gravy – your attempt to sully Rod Donald’s good name by criticising his use of a van, was despicable. Why should I bother to address your other claims, when your quality has been revealed by your anti-Rod Donald smears?
    You are not credible.


  33. JC says:

    “How can the green’s be squeaky clean when the policies they want for the world would put us all firmly back in the stoneage, dying at 30, wiping out the rest of tane’s creatures to subsistence feed”

    But coincidentally saving any Green person due to their wealth, birthplace, democratic system, education, fair and efficient law enforcement etc.

    Its easy to demand that over 5 billion people should be allowed, encouraged and forced to die to preserve Gaia if you are one of the elete.



  34. mort says:

    Right on form Robert, attack the man, ignore the argument. well done, you pass socialist logic 101 (or is that 701?).
    Quite simply Robert if you extrapolate your wonderful policies to their ultimate position in their entirety, what would be the outcome?


  35. Inventory2 says:

    Robert; you’re the one who needs to grow up. You pack a tantie just because someone mentions facts which you find unpalatable. Crikey; it’s not as though Metiria is ashamed of her past, if she’s so open about in on the Greens’ website.

    And I believe Quintin was asking you if you condone Labour’s repeated breaches of the rules regarding electoral advertising. You didn’t answer the question when I posed it this morning either, so bloke up and tell us what you think, there’s a good lad.


  36. gravedodger says:

    It wasn’t A VAN you tosser, it was THE VAN,

    A pathetic reason to ignore the unanswerable questions but terribly convenient for you.

    That wasn’t even a slide step wit, have another snort on the bong.


  37. robertguyton says:

    Mort – you had no argument – don’t be ridiculous.
    Inv2 – snore
    Gravy – resorting to accusing me of being a drug-smoker is gutter-scraping, mud-flinging character-assassination of the lowest sort – you ought to be ashamed, at your age, of such dim-witted character-smearing. Mrs Gravy, if she exists, would be ashamed of you.


  38. robertguyton says:

    JC – are you mad?
    Your fevered statement makes no sense at all!

    “Its easy to demand that over 5 billion people should be allowed, encouraged and forced to die to preserve Gaia if you are one of the elete.”

    What the hell is that supposed to mean?
    Do you belong to some starnge sect?


  39. robertguyton says:

    ‘starnge’ is strange, isn’t it.


  40. mort says:

    Robert: no argument???
    lets look at the energy policies:
    energy: implement carbon tax to subsidise inefficient generation, thus making energy more expensive; wave tech is 10x the price of coal, 8 x the price of gas generation. Already we have a distorted market
    who suffers disproportionately? the poor or those on fixed incomes as they have to increase their energy expenditure or go cold. Going cold shortens lives as the bulk of history has proven
    biofuels: drive the price of staple food items, once again hitting the poor and fixed income the hardest. It has been estimated that the biofuel requirements have caused 10million+ people to starve to death already, more biofuel means more black people dead
    but i suppose that fits with the green position that the world is over populated to the tune of 5-6Billion.


  41. Ross says:

    Ele, and Gentlemen of this post,

    (Yes Robert, its Ross, and I have finished work for the evening in Aussie, and have take some time to read the latest dribble you have been posting today – who knows why, perhaps you amuse me).

    You find yourself trying to debate a topic with Robert, a man so convinced of his own intellect that he will raise questions, ignore answers, refuse to reasonably discuss topics, demand answers, abuse those who answer, and generally jump all over any reasonable thread of conversation on a blog.

    My very short experience trying to hold a discussion with Robert last weekend on this blog – enjoyable as it was, and observing his antics this week is that you are completely wasting your time.

    Sadly, nothing you will say will convince him to change his position or cause him to change his ways.

    As much of a fun sport that it is, I suspect that actually discussing anything at all with Robert is in fact adding to and compounding the clear psychological issues he has.

    In the name of compassion and mercy, and to assist Robert with what will obviously be a long and painful road to recovery from socialist delusions, could you please restrain yourselves from doing this.

    Thanks kindly


    P.S. Robert – this is for the best mate, and I am only thinking of your mental and social health as I post this. I am good like that.


  42. Ross says:

    Oh, and while I am here – I will support Robert in one thing.

    It is very easy to attack those who are dead – be it Norm Kirk, Rob Muldoon, David Lange or Rod Donald – because they are never going to be able to defend themselves. Their time is past, and they will never be able to change what they did or didn’t do.

    In civilised and polite society, it is also seen as poor form, that is not a good reflection on those who raise such questions.

    With the wealth of material to use provided by the current Greens – the deluded hypocrites that they are, there seems nothing to be gained by dragging those who have passed into todays discussions.


  43. robertguyton says:

    Ross – thanks for your sage advice. I’m going to take it, by which I mean that in order to recover from my socialist delusions, I will restrain from arguing with the good folk who visit here and yes, you are good like that.


  44. gravedodger says:

    @ Ross 12 42, in my defense, acknowledging your point about the deceased, I knew Rod Donald , we shared an education commonality and I did chide him re his Combi and he accepted my comment and added his image perspective.
    I guess I was addressing the green party angle not the man, who although we disagreed we respected each other.
    Another Irony I use a 1971 beetle as my first response vehicle and I know how anti clean green it is.
    Accepting you may never read this Ross, I have hopefully clarified my non observance of what I see as an admirable trait in political discourse.
    Cheers M


  45. robertguyton says:

    Yeah. And Don Brash personally got Apirana Ngata’s head on the $50 bill!


  46. Ross says:


    Thanks for the comment and clarification – I have read it. I observed Rod Donald in action generally, and close up one day in the Koru Club. Whilst I didn’t agree with his politics, I did respect his integrity and the fact that he had the courage of his convictions. I reckon he contributed to our society, and that New Zealand is a better place from having Rod contribute to the public discussion.




  47. robertguyton says:

    Ross – while you’re here – heartfelt thanks for the compassion you showed over my socialist delusion thing and hey! Wouldn’t ya know it! I’ve fully recovered! Already!
    It’s kind-of a miracle.
    I feel revived, full of pep and ready to join the fray again, after my time in the Pit of Despair.
    Hope you’ve got something erudite to tempt us with – a complex concept with which we can wrestle, a gnarly hypothetical ‘situation’ or a surprisingly frank revelation for a’grapplin’, minds on full alert, manners to the fore.
    I can barely wait!


  48. Ross says:

    Robert, Thank you for your very kind words. I am humbled by them.

    Given I am traveling this evening and all day tomorrow to get home, I wouldn’t hold your breath on anything from me this weekend.

    I will observe your behavior around a few blogs before I decide whether you are fully recovered from your socialist delusion thing – sometimes, miracles aside, there can be false recoveries.

    Time will tell eh.


  49. robertguyton says:

    Are you my real Dad?


  50. Ross says:

    Given that you look a few years older than me mate, I think that is highly unlikely – that would be a miracle


  51. robertguyton says:

    I went grey prematurely Dad.
    I’m 13.
    I’m told I have your eyes.

    Want them back?


  52. mort says:

    ooh ahh isn’t he ever so clever… and what a wit….



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