Information or persuasion, parliamentary or political?

Providing information to or seeking it from constituents could be a legitimate part of an MP’s parliamentary work and therefore should be publicly funded.

But persuasion is political work and should be funded by polticial parties not the public.

Labour’s asserton they  didn’t intend to breach the Electoral Act is difficult to believe.

Equally troubling is the fact that Parliamentary Services okayed the payment  for the offending stop asset sales signs.

Nobody is suggesting that funding breaches any rules which means the rules are still far too lenient.

Some, perhaps almost all, of an MP’s parliamentary work could also be political but campaigning is definitely political not parliamentary and the public should not be funding that.


6 Responses to Information or persuasion, parliamentary or political?

  1. gravedodger says:

    The socialists were recently exposed by David Fisher in the HOS for discussing ways to exploit Parliamentary Services funding to promulgate their message in light of the fact they are flatarsed broke.
    Any claim they made a mistake is about as convincing as the defendants at Neuremburg claiming “they were only following orders”.
    Labour have had their sticky fingers in the public till for years but seem to be overlooking the salient fact that they can no longer avail themselves of validating legislation.
    To suggest that they need “public funding” to fight elections is merely admitting their vision of the way forward is totally disconnected from the views of anyone with any interest in funding their destruction of the economy. Last nights 3 news poll will have had them reaching for the aspirin once more.


  2. robertguyton says:

    “”Parliamentary Services okayed the payments.


    Sounds like the case against Labour is pretty darned strong then.
    This will be the end of Labour, that’s for sure.
    Bound to be deregistered.
    Hardly worth bothering with an election now.
    National are entitled to retain their rightful seats of Government.
    John Key is a saint.


  3. gravedodger says:

    There were many other opinions that stated otherwise Robert.
    The arrogance and ignorance are mind numbing. Your support for the possible law breaking says more about you than you realise.
    Even the Nazis who faced trial discovered the ends rarely justify the means.
    We are talking about those who wish to make the law having scant regard for obeying it, whats your point.


  4. Scott says:

    Even the Nazis who faced trial discovered the ends rarely justify the means.

    See Robert, you’re just like those Nazis.


  5. robertguyton says:

    It’s a very grave breach indeed.
    Ele says that Parliamentary Services okayed it.
    Their heads should roll. Labour should be struck off for this most heinous crime. Off with their heads!
    Thank the Lord National would never, has never, will never do such a despicable thing!!
    Saints, every one!
    That Phil Goff (I mean Goof snicker, snicker!)
    And yeah, I was thinking this is just like the Nazis too!
    Amazing synchronicity of thought Gravedodger – you and me!


  6. gravedodger says:

    But don’t for gods sake address the fact that the NZLP have a track record of breaking electoral law.
    Your selective memory will have erased that unfortunate lapse of $800 000 pledge card rort that they were able to legislate away,.
    All the while making it harder for politically motivated people to support parties they thought relevant to a prosperous future with their very smelly EFA.
    Cor blimey even the NZLP sans H1 voted that anti democratic bit of manipulation of the electorate out.

    Whats the mantra again deny, denigrate, obfuscate ignore.

    Your wit aint shining Robert.


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