Green could be competitive advantage

Being greener could bring both environmental and financial gains and this week Environment Minister Nick Smith and Agriculture Minister David Carter launched a green growth discussion document:

New Zealand needs to consider how it leverages off its clean green brand in global markets and how new technologies can be developed to reduce environmental impacts, Environment Minister Nick Smith and Acting Minister for Economic Development David Carter say.

The Ministers today launched the Advisory Group on Green Growth’s discussion paper in Wellington. The eight-member Advisory Group was announced by the Government in January to ensure the Government receives the best advice on green growth initiatives.

“There is significant work occurring internationally on green growth, green jobs, and clean technology. We need to ensure Government policy helps New Zealand take up the opportunities,” Dr Smith said. . .

Mr Carter said: “This is another part of the Government’s plan to build a faster growing economy. The world is looking for products and services that have lower environmental impacts and we want New Zealand to be well placed to take up these opportunities.

The government’s actions haven’t impressed Pure Advantage a group of business people who believe there’s a huge opportunity in enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment in order to improve our competitive positioning in the global shift to green growth.

We have developed a campaign to work with communities, businesses, Government and iwi to create sustainable economic growth, and assist New Zealand to become a leading exporter of high-value produce, renewable energy and clean technology, with a top-tier in-bound tourism industry.

The founding members have funded the campaign – there’s no corporate mandates or shadowy Government funding. Just successful Kiwis interested in seeing a lot more successful Kiwis.

The group wants to open the debate and fund research and discussion in the hope of getting broad agreement about the best way forward.

Once the way forward is understood, we will drive the change to make it happen.

Underpinning our goal will be robust economic research showing the scale of the challenge and why all New Zealanders must reach for the exciting opportunities arising from green growth.

Members of the group include Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe, former General Motors chief financial officer Chris Liddell, IceBreaker founder Jeremy Moon and brothers, Lloyd and Rob Morrison.

The environmental gains from being green are obvious, providing that is based on science and not emotion.

Pure Advantage and the government both also see the potential for financial gain.

8 Responses to Green could be competitive advantage

  1. robertguyton says:

    Green growth?
    Great Scott! This is something out of left field! Who ever would have imagined such a concept! This is breath-taking in its audacity! You see! Business and the Right are at the cutting edge of modern, sustainable thinking. The Greens haven’t got that market cornered like they claim! Now that some sensible people are handling the concept, it’ll fly!


  2. Andrei says:

    The only people who particularly care about “being green” are middle class airheads who have the disposable income to indulge their fantasies that buying “green” is in some way useful for the future of the planet..

    In the real world upper middle class twits like doctor Smith are in the minority and the majority actually have to face the real world challenges of feeding their dependents – therefore they do not pay a premium for free range organic feel good eggs, say, but buy the cheaper plain pack battery eggs which cost less than half the price of the former. That would be you get two battery eggs for the price of one “virtuous” free range organic egg.

    Sure there is a marketing opportunity in pandering to whatever the latest middle class fad might be. You know the old saying about “a fool and his money”.

    But if you really think the “green economy” is going to take off or add anything of value in a world where about 30 percent of the population goes to bed hungry I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

  3. Sally says:

    You are onto it Andrei.

    The scare tactics of the greens is waning!

  4. robertguyton says:

    “But if you really think the “green economy” is going to take off..”

    Yeah Andrei – you tell those losers!
    (Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe, former General Motors chief financial officer Chris Liddell, IceBreaker founder Jeremy Moon and brothers, Lloyd and Rob Morrison.)

  5. Andrei says:

    So Robert Guyton being the open minded fellow that I am I went to the website of Pure Advantage, linked in the above post.

    And I read.

    I went to the “case studies” page to see what was happening in this new and wonderful approach to business.

    What was the very first product proudly on display?
    It turns out to be VNC COCKTAILS. Slogan: “bartender in a bottle”.

    I’m sure it is wonderful that their Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Vodka Mojito is CEMARS certified – an ISO 14065 accredited programme

    But i do wonder if this is an item that regularly finds its way into the shopping baskets of everyday New Zealanders?

    I do also suspect the price of said item while no doubt being chump change for the exalted just might put it into the class of “luxury item” for the vast majority and maybe even the class of “unaffordable luxury item” for many.

    What do you think?

  6. Dave Kennedy says:

    Sally, I had the impression it was the National Government that uses scare tactics to drive policy. “Our failing education system needs National Standards”, while all international assessments place us in the top five internationally, for example. While we can always improve our education system, we are hardly in a crisis situation.

    You are welcome to read my Green blog and see where scare tactics dominate my approach. The Green Party is all about finding pragmatic and sustainable solutions and looking for a positive future. I feel National’s approach is all about shutting things down, borrowing and investing in things that have failed in the past.

  7. robertguyton says:

    Carter and Smith think it’s the cat’s pyjamas, so do the high-fliers Fyfe and co.
    Me, I reckon the Greens have been laying the best Green Plan out in front of the country for a very long time.
    These Jonny-come-lately’s are full of it but their bent will spoil any real connection to Green values and you can’t have one, in my opinion, without the other.

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