Politics no place for shrinking violets

The transition from top dog to one of the pack is never easy, even in a voluntary organisation like Federated Farmers.

The president’s role is important and demanding but it comes to a sudden end. One day you’re the chair, next you’re just another farmer looking for something to occupy yourself.

So why not try politics?

That’s what Don Nicolson is considering but he’s being unusually coy about it:

He’s slightly cagey about the next step, saying people keep suggesting he moves into politics, but he’s waiting for an invitation first.

“I am hoping somewhere it’s either politics or business that I get into. I’m quite happy to get into politics but no-one is really asking. I’m being told I should be in politics by many people and under MMP the question is can I cut it and tolerate that?

“I’m prepared to give it a go – but I’ve got to be asked,” he says.

Why wait to be asked?

Politics isn’t for shrinking violets. It’s for people with passion, dedication, a strong sense of what they believe in and commitment to a party.

The latter is particularly important because when the going gets tough as it ineveitably will, MPs have to know why they’re there and remain loyal to their party.

It’s not hard to see from Nicolson’s statements that it’s Act he’s thinking of and he has skills which could benefit the party. But if I was them, I’d be wary about someone who didn’t feel strongly enough about becoming an MP to be proactive about it.

Hat tip: Imperator Fish

2 Responses to Politics no place for shrinking violets

  1. Sinner says:

    You really don’t understand the way the new ACT party works, do you?

    Of course ACT should invite their MP candidates – as high-value individuals they deserve nothing less!

    All the MPs have to do is campaign for a couple of months every four weeks – under MMP all votes can be (and will be) exercised by the leader & deputy under proxy. Policy development will be carried out by experts under the direction of the leader.

    I look forwards to many high-value individuals standing for ACT in the next election!


  2. johnsonmike says:

    Don makes some fascinating comments in a DomPost article by farming editor Jon Morgan.

    Some titbits:

    Powerful people are manipulating us for their own ends, Don Nicolson believes.


    Asked if he thinks the ETS is a con someone came up with, he replies: “I do think it is exactly like that. It is part of a United Nations effort to move resources from developed to developing countries to grow them out of the poverty trap, he says. “It is about creating jobs to prevent anarchy.” So, a group of shadowy powerful people decided to make the ETS for job-creation? “Yes, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t know where the round table was that devised this scheme, but I think the genesis was in a green movement somewhere. I have to say the green movement has done a great job of getting into the hearts and minds of the international population. They have infiltrated everywhere.”

    There’s plenty more at


    Act would love him!


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