How long can we blame failed policies of noughties?

Nearly three years into National’s first term, peole are beginning to ask how long supporters can get away with blaming the last government and the failed policies of the noughties.

Given the left are still blaming Sir Roger Douglas for what happened when he was Finance Minister, and as Keeping Stock points out, quite a lot which happened after he resigned, we should still have a couple of decades to go.

Matt McCarten got vitriolic in his Herald column yesterday.

I don’t support everything Douglas did nor the way he did it and he’s done little, if anything, for Act and the country in this come-back term.

But New Zealand would be a much poorer and sadder country if those “failed” policies of the 80s which he started hadn’t happened.

Few in Labour would admit it but the fact they tinkered with some of those policies but did very little to reverse them when they had nine years to do so, shows they too accept they were necessary.

2 Responses to How long can we blame failed policies of noughties?

  1. pdm says:

    A big mistake by John Key in not taking on Sir Roger as an Associate Finance of Finance. We would not be borrowing $400million approx a week had that been the case and the country would be better for it.


  2. gravedodger says:

    We will never know pdm, but with all the unwarranted media inspired negativity around Sir Roger, absolutely none of which sticks to the chameleon teflon bunch of socialist boob tubes on the Labour front bench, having Sir Roger any where near the cabinet would have had National and Labour even in the polls going into the election.
    While my heart is in agreement with you my head tells me it would not have worked.

    Just look at the way the Labour leadership and the MSM completely ignore the irony of Goff, King A. and Mallard sitting there when they were actually in government when the vast majority of the asset sales were made, Douglas had gone and John Key has never sold a single asset. Now the boobs are able to claim they wont sell any assets and the only challenge comes here in the right of center blogs.


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