Not proven

If ever there was a case which needed the ability to make a judgement of not proven, which they have in Scotland, it was the one against Chris Kahui.

He was the father of twins Chris and Cru whose tragic lives and deaths are  currently the subject of an inquest.

Kahui was acquitted of murder but let’s not confuse that with innocence. All it means is the jury found the case against him was not proven beyond reasonable doubt.

That doesn’t mean he killed his babies but nor does it mean he was cleared of the violence which plagued their lives and eventually caused their deaths.

Now Ian Wishart has written a book telling the story of the twins’ mother, Macsyna King. I won’t be buying it but nor will I join the call to boycott it

That isn’t the same as banning it but it’s close.

Free expression requires that the author and his subject must also be free to tell, and sell, the story even if we don’t want to, and won’t, read it.

3 Responses to Not proven

  1. gravedodger says:

    If Wisharts book gives an insight into the complete disaster that welfare perpetrates as spawn containers such as King continue to exude poor little unfortunates such as those doomed twins then it should possibly be compulsory study by all year 12 students with a mandatory pass in a comprehension test to follow for a non elective NCEA unit.

  2. Andrei says:

    It seems to be a fact of life that people want to shout down people who may express things the shouters down don’t want to hear or others to hear.

    Who knows what will be said in this book, it might be interesting or it might just be a dreary litany of self justification.

    Either way it should be allowed to speak for itself

  3. Inventory2 says:

    I disagree Ele, and have publcily supported the calls for a boycott.

    Ian Wishart’s timing is abysmal. As we speak, a Coroner in Auckland is hearing evidence at an inquest to determine how the Kahui twins died. Wishart claims to have new evidence; rather than publishing it for commercial gain, he should hand it over to the Coroner and the Police, and if it stacks up, there is still a chance that someone could be held criminally responsible. Surely the public good precedes financial gain. Perhaps the Police should subpoena Ian Wishart to give evidence at the inquest.

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