Vote for change to what?

The campaign against MMP has become more organised with the newly incorporated Vote for Change .

“Vote for Change asks the 40% of New Zealanders who have already realised that MMP doesn’t offer enough accountability, to join our group” says Wellington Lawyer and Vote for Change Spokesperson, Jordan Williams. “We want Kiwis to use their opportunity to have a better voting system. Only by voting ‘change’ in November can we ensure a proper debate on MMP’s merits. Only a vote for change will mean there is another vote, a run-off between MMP and one of the four alternatives at the 2014 election.”

“Vote for Change wants a system that restores more certainty, that allows voters to easily hold governments to account and kick rascals out of Parliament,” says Mr Williams. “The current system lets party bosses sneak MPs who have been dismissed by their local electorates back into Parliament on party lists.

“New Zealanders are tired of Lists that make MPs beholden to political party bosses instead of being accountable to constituents. We want politicians to have to think of the people they serve and not party list rankings when making tough decisions” says Mr Williams.

Although it is clear it does not support MMP, VfC has not yet decided which alternative it will advocate voting to change to.

Vote for Change has not endorsed a particular alternative to MMP. “We want New Zealanders who understand that MMP has not delivered, to go to our website, join us help determine what voting system is best for New Zealand,” says Mr Williams. “With a more substantial membership base we will work out what voting system we think is the fairest”.

The VfC website lists its founding members who include former Labour Party president and mayor Bob Harvey, former Labour cabinet minister Michael Basset, former National party MP Annabel Young and Business Round Table executive director Roger Kerr.

Some of the more strident supporters of MMP try to vilify anyone who isn’t happy with the system but as David Farrar points out all five electoral systems on offer are acceptable electoral systems:

 All of them are in use in various countries that are universally recognised as democratic. The moment someone tells you that only one system is acceptable, is the moment when you should stop listening to them.

There are of course degrees of acceptability, some systems are more so than others, although which is very much a matter of opinion.

I don’t like MMP but am unsure which of the alternatives would be both better and have a chance of winning a referendum when put up against MMP.

12 Responses to Vote for change to what?

  1. robertguyton says:

    Roger Kerr’s for it?
    I’m agin.


  2. gravedodger says:

    Surprise surprise a business leader is opposed to the many weaknesses of MMP and Sonny Bill who shrills about the evils of successful wealth creation is against it.


  3. robertguyton says:

    Alas-oh-dear Thompson and Roger Kerr, alike as two peas.
    Both doubtless, hunger for the return of First Past the Post.
    As I suspect, do you Gravy.


  4. pdm says:

    Both Thompson and Kerr have made a far greater contribution to the increased productivity of New Zealand than you or your Watermelon Greens ever will GD,


  5. robertguyton says:

    GraveDodger, a Green!
    Lan’ Sakes!
    If only I’d known, I’d have embraced him like a brother.
    (It’s little wonder I gave up on you pdm – you’re hopeless!)


  6. gravedodger says:

    As if having the shining wit giving up on you would cause sleepless nights or even hives pdm, I would take it as a liberating experience.
    Anyone with a shred of comprehension skills would have seen it as an error but not good ole sonny bill, so bereft of a relevant comeback, relies on your mistake.
    Of course he would never in a million minutes step down to ad hominem attacks would he.


  7. pdm says:

    RG says – `(It’s little wonder I gave up on you pdm – you’re hopeless!’

    As you say GD a liberating experience. There is no way I would want to be associated with the troll or the Watermelons for that matter.

    I will be suupoorting the anti MMP campaign though – STV is my recommendation.


  8. homepaddock says:

    STV is one I definitely won’t support – only 30 electorates with 3 – 7 MPs. T

    We’d get only about 6 electorates for the South Island and almost all MPs would be based in the bigger cities.

    Rural and provincial representation will be even more difficult than it is under MMP.


  9. Inventory2 says:

    Actually, I like Barry Soper’s name for the Greens better than the watermelon one which is a bit 2008; the Kermits…


  10. robertguyton says:

    ‘The Kermits’ gets my vote. Everyone loves Kermy and he’s green through and through.


  11. Inventory2 says:

    But Robert; you took such offence at John Key calling Labour “muppets”; now you’re happy for your own party to be so labelled.


  12. robertguyton says:

    The Prime Minister shouldn’t name-call at all. Remember how Clark was harrangued for her ‘haters and wreckers comments? Key’s just as willing to snipe and belittle with childish names. Not admirable in a PM – or do you admire that Inv2?


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