Only some employees deserve a fair hearing?

Just as I was about to say I’d made a mistake with Friday’s post  using the calls for Alasdair Thompson’s resignation as an example of double-standards from the left  I read:

Labour list MP Carol Beaumont said it was clear Mr Thompson could not continue in his role, and the board should not need to deliberate so long about it.

“They are a large organisation representing companies that employ women workers and the attitude that Thompson displayed was unacceptable in 2011. I would have thought their decision was pretty clear-cut.”

The case does seem clear cut.

His initial mistake was not just what he said but how he said it without any evidence to back up his case.

But saying something stupid, being poorly prepared and expressing yourself badly is not a sackable offence.

However, Thompson then compounded the error in two interviews with TV3 which reflected very poorly on him and the Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern)  he represents. I wrote on Friday that this still wasn’t a sackable offence but I was wrong.

A 21st century organisation cannot afford to have a CEO with antediluvian views who illustrates poor judgement and communication skills. 

But even if the case is clear cut the board still had to give its employee a fair hearing.

Workers rights are one of the left’s raison d’êtres. They risk undermining them if they think they apply to only some employees.

5 Responses to Only some employees deserve a fair hearing?

  1. Andrei says:

    Mob justice and lynching

    His initial mistake was not just what he said but how he said it without any evidence to back up his case.

    Early talking point put out by the mob leaders – tell me this what politician in New Zealand hasn’t been guilty of pulling “facts” out of thin air. And in this case the figures as published back him up.

    Still the man does have to go. There is no way he is equipped to deal withreality of 21st New Zealand with its thought crimes and newspeak


  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    After reading analysis br Brian Edwards I’d say that Mr Thompson was entrapped by TV3 and those interviews should be disregarded by those considering his future.

    Not so his appalling public remarks and boorish behaviour viz a viz Helen Kelly, Marion St and Mystery Woman. That is the stuff of summary dismissal.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – I agree that initial mistake wasn’t sackable but what he did next was.

    Adolf – Karl du Fresne also crticises TV3.

    He and Brian Edwards have a point but it still doesn’t clear Alasdair Thomspon. I didn’t see the TV programme but watched the whole video of both interviews and thought he did it badly from the start.


  4. JC says:

    Of course the man has to go, his behaviour and manner was appalling and he didn’t get a decent point across, ie, he’s incompetent as well.

    The man not only represents the Northern Employers in NZ but also overseas as well, and we now know that he was even more crass there. He also interacts with the Govt of the day.. how the hell can he do that now?



  5. Andrei says:

    No doubt it will be revealed sometime over the next few days that he eats kittens as well.


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