Will it be cACTus Kate?

Roarprawn said it first – Hong Kong based lawyer Cathy Odgers was going to become an  Act candidate.

Audrey Young takes up the story today:

Cathy Odgers, the author of the acerbic website Cactus Kate, is expected to be approved today as an Act candidate – one of the reasons sitting MP Heather Roy is likely to today announce she will stand down at this year’s election.

I know Cathy only though her blog and a few blogging related emails but she has one very good characteristic for an aspiring MP – loyalty to her party and its leader:

. . . politics must be about loyalty to the Party and that means publicly to its Leader while that person is still the Leader. If you are going to stab them then let it be in the front and behind closed doors in an appropriate party forum. And let it stay in that room.

Act has a reputation for disunity and as the party for old(er) men. Cathy’s candidacy will make a difference.

I wonder if her candidacy might also increase the chances of Rodney Hide staying on as a candidate for Act?


Roarprawn says Roy was dumped and Keeping Stock asks is Cactus Act’s prickly solution?

11 Responses to Will it be cACTus Kate?

  1. robertguyton says:

    Cathy’d be a mug to lasso herself to that misanthropic crew, loathed by so many New Zealanders.
    She won’t do it.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    She already has Robert; but “mug” is one thing that Ms Odgers is not; why do you think Bomber has been spewing such bile.


  3. Cadwallader says:

    I cannot perceive a downside to Cactus’ involvement with ACT. Good luck to her! She is joining a resurgent Party. The Left are going to hate this. 27th November: ACT 8 members. Labour 15. Greens 2. Winston zero. Maori 4. United 1. National the balance. RG awash with tears at the end of the known world.


  4. johnsonmike says:

    Cathy has studied under so many married men twice her age, and has a blog full of putrid bigotry, that she would not last one day as a candidate for any party.

    Our lovely media, who follow her every word with great interest, will turn on her in a fury of her own quotations and trotting out of married lovers and their cuckolded wives, the day after her candidacy is announced.

    The awful Mr Marshall will lead the pack.

    It will be an awful sight and Cathy if you read this, please don’t do it.


  5. Roger says:

    Looks like Guyton knows nothing. She’s confirmed she’s in the hat. This is fabulous news for the right.


  6. robertguyton says:

    She has Roger (roger that!)
    Fabulous news for the left.
    Let the circus begin (as if the Calvert and Brash side-shows weren’t enough! Oh and now there’s Heather Roy’s departure – that’s going to do wonders for the female vote Act is hoping to capture with cACTus.) Who does the strategising for Act?
    Oh! Garrett!
    That’s going to go well!


  7. Roger says:

    And you do the strategising for who? Strategy is more than updating your blog from a publicly paid meeting.


  8. gravedodger says:

    The stomach churning vomitus from Guyton Bradbury et al reassures me that dysentry is to follow soft on their collective heels.


  9. robertguyton says:

    Oh Roger, you are a clever one!
    We get time off to eat our sandwiches just like you.
    Gravy – you speak about poos on your shoes as if from experience.
    Nothing Act does should ‘reassure you’ – they have the reverse-Midas touch and Cactus – imagine one of those in your trousers!


  10. Roger says:

    G. No time off for sandwiches for me. I work for myself. You should make the most of your funny lines now ‘coz I think cactus will prove too prickly for you. Your ad hominem approach reveals your true fears. Maybe just maybe she is actually true to her word and principled. Unlike the left who are flat out hitching their hopes to Hone’s horse along with the drays Minto, Bradford and Tancoz. Talk about misfits. Funniest thing of all is the left will self eviscerate as the vote gets split across Mana Maori Labour and Winnie First.


  11. robertguyton says:

    Roger – you don’t eat?
    It shows.
    Food can be your friend and your thinking can be clear, if only you’ll let it.
    Thanks for the ‘funny lines’ compliment (I’ll take it as such) but won’t bother you with it any longer.
    I sense you’ve had enough.


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