Hubbard supporters muted

When the news that Allan and Jean Hubbard were being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office supporters were angry, numerous, vocal and visible.

There are still supporters but they have gradually become more muted and response to the news that charges have been laid was more sad than angry.

That is at least in part due to respect for the legal process and because the many people the couple have helped are grateful and loyal.

But while few have criticised them publicly there are some very sad stories on the grapevine about people who invested a lot of money in one or other of the Hubbard entities.

Not all are all bad – one man extricated half his investment just before the statutory managers took over. But there are cases where people thought they’d been given a personal loan and have since found out the money was investors’ and others where people invested the proceeds of farm or house sales or life savings and have little hope of recouping much, if any

This is not to say Hubbard is guilty of the charges he’s facing, he is presumed innocent until it is proven he’s not.

It is merely an observation that the mood has changed. There is still gratitude and respect but there are also questions and concerns.

3 Responses to Hubbard supporters muted

  1. Raymond A Francis says:

    When we sold our farm we were offered an extra special deal with Mr Hubbard, turned it down, as while I know he had done a lot of good works, I have never been a fan
    Now am regarded as a financial whizz but it was just good luck and a well tuned BS detector
    On the other hand have good friends who were deeply involved with him and we just don’t know how that is going to turn out

  2. david cotton says:

    can you tell me were I could buy a portrait of Mr Hubbard as I would like one for my office wall
    regards david

  3. homepaddock says:

    Try the Timaru Herald.

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