Aftersocks for aftershocks

Warming hearts, warming toes, warming Cantabrians – that’s the idea behind aftersocks.

It’s a fundraising venture for Canterbury earthquake relief which was thought up by Justine and Jo Ottey. They went to Rural Women NZ who enlisted the help of Ashburton company NZ Socks.

The result is red and black merino blend socks with a fault-line pattern  selling for $20 a pair with all proceeds going to the Mayoral Relief Fund.

The socks will be officially launched on Thrusday  by Wellington Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade Brown then at parliament by Jackie Blue MP.

You can read more on Facebook.

2 Responses to Aftersocks for aftershocks

  1. gravedodger says:

    Now with a matching scarf, big sellers.

    If Jackie Blue does a Clare Curran, Lockie wont see sox, but a scarf that could be a goer.


  2. Bridget says:

    How do you we get a pair to an ex Cantab that still has the red & black heart to Tasmania?


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