One person’s trash not always another’s treasure

Thrift shops complain that people dump unusable junk on them to save paying dumping fees.

After many hours sorting books for the Rotary Club of Oamaru’s annual Bookarama I know what they mean – one person’s trash isn’t always another’s treasure.

Some books which are donated look as it they’ve never been opened, others are well-read but still in good condition some are simply rubbish.

One of the supermarkets which was collecting books on our behalf phoned to say someone had just dropped off 17 boxes full. The donor’s intentions might have been good but only a handful of the dozens of books inside them were of any use.

Memo to self: go through book shelves regularly and never store books outside.

3 Responses to One person’s trash not always another’s treasure

  1. gravedodger says:

    A very real problem in the charitable recycling world Ele.
    When I first came to Parsdise 11 years ago the Lions club had a then realistic understanding that if people donated us all their “junk” after sorting and culling by family and friends we undertook to take the unsaleable.
    Two things have caused cancellation of that deal:
    With the advent of Kate Valley and the much more expensive “dumping ” costs associated with the centralisation of rubbish disposal we can’t afford the luxury.
    The now common practice of two or three “garage” sales removing the odd treasure among the dross.
    This leaves us being quite harsh as we accumulate the treasure for our annual Paddy’s Market on Easter Saturday. when we inform people who in all probability accumulated the junk from that source in the first place that they will need a skip, sort of thanks but no thanks.

  2. Storing books outside! What a terrible thought.

  3. homepaddock says:

    GD – another not so good aspect of modern life.

    Canary – It is a terrible thought. I’d never have considered doing it, sadly some of the people who donated books had and they were fit only for fuelling fires as a result of it.

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