Can’t vote if not enrolled

People helping with Hekia Parata’s campaign and scrutineering  in the Mana by-election last year came across a good number* of people who wanted to vote for her but couldn’t.

They had opted to be on the Maori roll last time they had the choice and those who do so can’t swap to the general roll between elections.

The matter of supporters not being able to vote might also trouble candidates in the Te Tai Tokerau by-election because either they’re on the general roll or not enrolled at all.

Duncan Garner writes:

I have just spoken to the pollster of the Maori TV Poll. He says Harawira may face a further and much more serious problem. Many of those identifying themselves as Harawira supporters are not enrolled on the Maori roll. This will mean that many can’t vote next weekend.

If people are on the general roll they can’t swap to the Maori roll but if they’re not enrolled at all they can enrol until next Friday and cast a special vote. However, I think both Labour and the Maori Party would be better placed to mobilise people who aren’t enrolled to do so then vote than Harawira and his supporters.

Garner’s not the only one to think Harawira’s in trouble. Brunette at Roar Prawn has become addicted to iPredict and is backing labour’s Kelvin Davis:

And the stocks are climbing all the time.
Due in large part to some people finally realising that Hone’s support does not run that deep and most Maori in the Far North are sensible enough to see that he is not the man to take them to the promised land.

* good number = vague amount based on anecdotes.

3 Responses to Can’t vote if not enrolled

  1. gravedodger says:

    Seriously, with such a cynical abuse of the electoral law where the resigned MP attempted to gain leaders funding for the November General Election of $100 000, who among the army of people the hater and wrecker has aroused to a point where many who wouldn’t give The NZ Labour Party a bent penny have donated freely for the campaign of Kelvin Davis, would be other than elated if the ploy went down the toilet.
    Kelvin Davis represents the future of Maori aspirations with his clear skills as a modern Maori Leader, a pragmatic and intelligent person who seeks the achievable with scant regard for the seemingly endless treaty grievance wallowing in self created poverty attitudes of Harawira and his thuggish Nga Pui followers aided and abetted by a coterie of failed left wing activists.

    Many have said “aint karma a bitch”.

  2. pdm says:

    Eloquent gd eloquent.

  3. Scott says:

    However, I think both Labour and the Maori Party would be better placed to mobilise people who aren’t enrolled to do so then vote than Harawira and his supporters.

    This is something Labour has been focusing on in the lead-up to the byelection. The numbers Labour can put on the ground in the next week and a bit may make the difference.

    Harawira talks a lot about his support in the far North, but there are a huge number of Maori voters in West Auckland, a traditional Labour stronghold.

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