Labour Party is wrong

Quote of the week:

Because  the Labour Party needs to be trampled into the dust. The buildings razed, the population sold into bondage and the land ploughed with salt. It is sweet and necessary for us to kill our enemies and to hear the lamentations of their women.

This does not apply to those who would champion the rights of the workers in our economy, nor to those who would have a more social democratic polity, those who desire more equality nor even those obsessed with the isms….feminism, anti-racisms, genderism and the rest.

It applies solely to the Labour Party. For deep within its primordial brain, in the recesses which produce the knee jerk reactions, the Labour Party is wrong.

They speak the speak of desiring those good things in the second para above. But all of their actual policy initiatives militate against those very things. . .

Tim Worstall was referring to the UK Labour Party. He admits it’s:

a tad over the top but there’s a truth or two in there……

It is a tad over the top but if it’s applied to the New Zealand Labour Party there is also a truth or two in there.

7 Responses to Labour Party is wrong

  1. I was hoping for a minute that RedBaiter was blogging again 🙂


  2. Richard says:

    This refers to ex PM Broooon who when Chancellor decided to spend, spend.

    Have not synchronised dates but perhaps Cullen was advising Broooon or vis versa.
    Of course, Ele, with your ancestral links near to where Broooon lives, you might like to see if there is a conspiracy.


  3. pdm says:

    Not quite Brown but while visiting the Isle Of Lewis in March we went for a drive on Bernera (a small island linked to Lewis by the first bridge built across the Atlantic) which is where my Grandfather grew up. Just down the road from my Grandfathers old croft we were shown the holiday home of Brown’s successor as Chancellor Alistair Darling.


  4. Cadwallader says:

    I cannot contribute to the above travelogue, but feel compelled to state how congruent I found the quote to be when applied to the NZ Labour Party.


  5. gravedodger says:

    A basic flaw in what we have as the NZ Labour Party c 2011, is their inability to distinguish their Philosophy, their path to fulfill it, and the actions of the members, with the governance of the Nation. when they were the government the ends justified the means and sanctions could be ignored as they were masked or delayed.
    Now they are out of govt, broke, rudderless and unable to be ‘protected’ they are having great difficulty in adapting, so sad too bad watch it all unfold on WOBH.


  6. Off topic, but I’m glad you read Tim – he;s a good thing and also has a NZ connection – this chap, is his great-uncle Vernon. Which makes me think Tim must be related to George Griffiths, ex of the ODT. I hope so. I like the small world, two degrees of separation stories.


  7. homepaddock says:

    I don’t mind this sort of OT comment, especially as it was a post on Quote Unquote (about speculators) which introduced me to Tim in the first place.


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