Would principles be stronger than ambition?

If punters at iPredict are right, Labour could win the next election but only in New Zealand First crosses the 5% threshold needed to gain seats in parliament.

National Party would need all of the Act, United Future and Maori parties to govern meaning that the Maori Party would genuinely hold the balance of power.

This would give it the option of supporting a Labour/Green/New Zealand First/Maori Party/Mana Party government, which would have 61 seats on confidence and supply.

A two-party National/Green government would also be possible. 

In announcing the Green Party could support National, although it was unlikely, party co-leader  Metiria Turei said:

“We are principled, we are patient and we have built a powerful political voice as an independent party.”

Alongside that principled independence sat ambition and a sense of urgency, she said.

If they had the choice of supporting a government with New Zealand First in it would ambition and urgency overcome the principles?


One Response to Would principles be stronger than ambition?

  1. robertguyton says:

    NZFirst, National… NZFirst, National…
    Hmmmmmm…….that’s a toughie!
    Guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


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