Shrek for Te Papa?

Shrek’s dead but he’s not going to be buried – Cure Kids want him preserved so he can live on at Te Papa alongside Phar Lap.

If there’s a place for a horse at our palce, why not a sheep?

Shrek’s story is an amazing one and it shouldn’t be allowed to die.

2 Responses to Shrek for Te Papa?

  1. Richard says:

    Really? Is this really serious? It is: “A planned memorial at the Church of the Good Shepherd at Tekapo has been delayed to allow international media to arrive.”
    I am not a farmer so I am not able to recognise one sheep from the next., perhaps as you can, Ele. But it occur to me when Shrek was found that he/she might have a case of negligence against the Perriam’s. Perhaps Shek could not articulate his/he concerns about the discomfort experienced with an over supply of wool” it “had to carry.
    Still, good PR for farmers, but not “Shrek’s story is an amazing one”. But much better than cows pissing into water supply.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Farmers don’t generally show off the odd hermit which evades subsequent musters. In his book “From Dust to Gold” John Perriam said there was some hesitation about going public because of that but they decided the benefits outweighed the risks.

    From hermit to hero, raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of publicity for merino, New Zealand and Cure Kids for free. That’s the amazing story.


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