It’s 7am*.

It’s Sunday.

Tomorrow’s a holiday.

It’s Queen’s Birthday (but not actually the Queen’s birthday) and monarchist or not, almost any excuse for a long weekend is a good one.


I am.

* It’s 8.44pm as I type this but the wonders of time-delayed posts mean it will be 7am when it’s published. I hope it’s much later than that when you read it.

One Response to Relax

  1. gravedodger says:

    Parked in the carpark of Woodford Glen Speedway with 40+ transporters of old farts in caravan parks or if you like mobile waiting for god rooms, and after a right royal night of music and laughter, it was 0900 when our feet hit the floor.

    However we still have a full day of retirement in front of us, no double time, days in lieu, holliday pay, just another day another dollar.
    Raised a few bucks for the South Kaiapoi school when they cooked lunch yesterday.

    Sigh, cue violins, no not harps.


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