Spring-like autumn

Just over a year ago when I looked from the top of the hill above Enfield towards the Kakanuis, irrigated paddocks would have stood out like green ink on parchment.

When I was up the hill yesterday it was impossible to tell which farms were irrigated and which were not.

Niwa reports we’ve had the warmest May on record.

Data from climate agency Niwa shows the month was almost 2.5 degrees Celcius warmer than usual, with rainfall double normal levels.

The figures won’t be official until tomorrow morning, but principal climate scientists James Renwick said the provisional numbers were extraordinary.

“Two-point-five degrees doesn’t sound like much, but for the average over the whole month that’s huge,” Renwick said.

“Normally 0.5 of a degree is a record-breaker.”

The average monthly temperature had been 13.1C, a temperature normally expected for April, Renwick said.

The previous hottest May, recorded in 2007, had a mean temperature of 12.4C.

Rainfall totals were also extreme, especially in the eastern Bay of Plenty and Nelson regions.

We haven’t had the extreme weather other areas have suffered but mother nature has provided more than enough moisture.

Irrigation hasn’t been necessary and mild temperatures mean grass is still growing so it looks more like spring than autumn.

8 Responses to Spring-like autumn

  1. bulaman says:

    Been in south Canterbury since ’87 and this is the best growing/farming season we have had. An “embarrassment” of feed, fat sheep and soggy underfoot.
    If this is global warming keep it coming!


  2. robertguyton says:

    “If this is global warming keep it coming!”

    If bulaman is a farmer, I despair.


  3. bulaman says:

    no I’m a forester Despair away


  4. Inventory2 says:

    It’s the same up this way Ele. Even on the sand country along the coast there’s plenty of pasture growth heading into winter. Stock seem to be in very good condition, and it should be a bumper spring.


  5. Raymond A Francis says:

    I am with Bulaman on this, of course it isn’t climate warming just a great autumn and in the past we have not had enough of them


  6. robertguyton says:

    Course not (despite the science).
    Fed Farmer are you?


  7. gravedodger says:

    When I consider the evidence, over the history of the Sahara, The Tigris-Euphrates Valley, North Central Asia and much of China in light of the mountain of evidence of massive climate change and climate zones over thousands of years I regard with extremely scepticism those who support the current fashion of man made global warming with a similar passion and amusment I accorded to Good Ole Harold Camping’s recent and equally pursuasive beliefs on armageddon.Haha.

    With my glass half full, wasn’t/isn’t it a marvelous Autumn over much of the pastoral areas of our wonderful country as the productive sector continues to underpin our emergence from the actual and very real global financial crisis.
    Bloody grass is really growing on the lawns though and that costs me to control, perhaps I should listen to SWMBO and bring the fences into the windows and allow Steve’s sheep to eat it, still Haha.
    ps I do, in moments of reflection, despair at what education as opposed to observation produces as current thinking. I mean “girthquake”, right up there eh.


  8. mort says:

    At $300M per week, Bill needs all the help he can get. Warmer winds from the tropics care of La Nina will hopefully improve the balance of payments through increased stock yeilds. One can only hope that the infant stock deaths are a minimum and the well stocked silage pits will be able to sustain the increased numbers going into spring/summer.


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